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31 Dec 1852
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December 31, 1852


Business Cards

Burnet, S. F., Hardware Merchant, Youngstown

Carroll, R., Clock & Watch Maker, Youngstown

Gardner, A. J., Surgeon, Youngstown

Holcomb, J. R. & Sons, Manufacturers, Youngstown

McEwen, S. B., Dealer, Youngstown

Paine, O. D., M.D., Youngstown

Powers, John W., Merchant, Youngstown

Sawyer, A. D., Dentist, Youngstown

Sexton, J. K., Dealer, Youngstown

Theobald, David, Dealer, Youngstown

Wells, Thomas H., Merchant, Youngstown



Leonard, John W., [marriage], 23 Dec 1852, to Sarah Jane Kergal, by Rev. D. H. Fisher, both of

        Mahoning Co., Ohio.



Forbes, Robert, [death], 19 Dec 1852, on Sabbath morning, in the 60th yr. of his life, from Petersburgh,

        Mahoning Co., Ohio.

McKinnie, James C., [death], 7 Dec 1852, at his residence in Kinsman, Trumbull Co., Ohio, of

        inflammation of the bowels, formerly a resident of Youngstown.  The deceased was 27 yrs.