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14 Apr 1853
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April 14, 1853

Township Elections

The following were elected on the 4th of April 1853.

        Coitsville -     Trustees - Philip Kimmell, James Kennedy, Alex McCall

                             Treasurer - Partridge Bissell

                             Assessor - Robert W. Shields

                             Clerk - Ira Allerton

        Canfield -      Trustees - A. Lynn, B. Manchester, J. Dustman

                             Treasurer - William Schmick

                             Assessor - Ira Collar

                             Clerk - J. A. Harding

        Green -         Trustees - Aaron Calvin, James M. Pettitt, James Wilson

                             Treasurer - William Roller

                             Assessor - Nathan P. Callahan

                             Clerk - Dr. James M. Hole

                             Constables - N. P. Callahan, David Vallance


Post Office Appointment

Mr. Alexander McKinnie has received the appointment of Postmaster in this village [Youngstown].


Donation Party

for the benefit of Rev. William Remsburg at the house of Mr. Steven Kelly, formerly occupied by Mr. Griffith on Tuesday evening next.



In Poland, Mar 17, by Rev. D. Goodwillie, Dr. Jacob Loy, of Lowell, to Miss Sarah M. Huff of Poland.



Of bronchital inflammation on the 11th inst., Louisa Maria, wife of Robert W. Tayler, Esq., and daughter 

        of the late John E. Woodbridge, aged 32 years & 4 mos.

At the residence of his father, near Lewistown, Pa., on Saturday morning, the 3d inst., Reginald Heber,

        son of William P. Elliott, Esq., aged about 21 years.



Notice is hereby given that the subscriber has been appointed and qualified as administrator on the estate of 

        Martha Brown, late of the township of Austintown, Mahoning county, Ohio, deceased; submitted by

        John Vanfleet.


Election to replace School Directors

An election will take place for the post of two school directors presently held by 

        Henry Manning and W. S. Thorn.


Business Cards

T. W. Sanderson, attorney, Youngstown

R. J. Powers, attorney, Youngstown

F. E. Hutchins, attorney, Youngstown

William Ferguson, attorney, Youngstown

O. D. Paine, Reform Physician, Youngstown

R. Carroll, Clock & Watch Maker, Youngstown

J. Warner & Co., Dealer, Youngstown

Crawford & Murray, Dealers, Youngstown

J. R. Holcomb & Son, Manufacturers, Youngstown

Winchell & Hiener, Dealers, Youngstown

S. B. McEwen, Dealer, Youngstown

J. K. Sexton, Dealer, Youngstown

John W. Powers, Clothing Merchant, Youngstown

Wick & Borther, Dealers, Youngstown

Wick & Manning, Dealers, Youngstown

David Theobald, Dealer, Merchant, Youngstown

S. F. Burnet, Hardware Merchant, Youngstown

Thomas H. Wells, Merchant, Youngstown

Brenneman & Andrews, Dealers, Youngstown

Keller, Stambaugh & Co., thru P. W. Keller, John Stambaugh, Jr., & Richard Wooley, Wholesale &

        Retail Dealers, Youngstown

Arms & Murray, Dealers, Youngstown

Union House by W. H. Ross, Youngstown

Youngstown Hotel by B. E. Betts, Youngstown

A. D. Jacobs, Merchant, Youngstown

Bostwick House, by L. L. Bostwick, Canfiled, O.

Vantrot & Micksch, Dealers, Warren, O.

American house by S. Sherman, Warren, O.

Warren Packard, Dealer, Warren, O.

Smiths & M'Combs, Dealers, Warren, O.

E. W. Townsend, M.D., Warren, O.

J. F. Asper, atty., Warren, O.

Walter King & Son, Dealers, Warren, O.

James H. Kibbee, Dealer, Warren, O.

J. Loy, Physician & Surgeon, Mahoning Co. [Lowell], O.

J. Manning, Druggist, Youngstown