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Austintown Twp. 1820
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Below you will find the entire extract for the heads of household of the 1820 census for Austintown, Trumbull County, Ohio.  (Mahoning County was formed in 1846.)  The heads of each household are the only thing extracted below.  The 1820 census does not provide any other information except the numbers of the remaining household members and the age group they fell in.  If you require additional information, please send an email.  All reasonable requests will be fulfilled.  108 heads of household are listed below.


Arnold, Stephen

Boley, Jacob    (var. Bailey)

Boley, Peter     (var. Bailey)

Boley, Valentine

Brickley, Andrew

Brunstrater, Henry

Brunstretter, Jacob

Brunstretter, John

Buck, James

Carlton, John

Carskeddon, Richard S.

Caul, John

Christ, John

Cotton, John

Cotton, Theophilus

Craft, Thomas

Cridler, Andrew

Crum, Henry

Cummins, Thomas

Dillon, David

Dray, Edward

Dray, Samuel

Duncan, John

Dustman, Jacob

Erwin, Thomas

Erwine, John

Ewing, Archibald

Fouz(??), Henry

Frazier, Wells

Fullerton, Robert

Fulks, David     (var. Fultz)

Fulks, George    (var. Fultz)     

Fulks, Henry    (var. Fultz)

Gilbert, Charles

Gilbert, George, Jr.

Gilbert, George, Sr.

Gilbert, Henry

Gilbert, Jacob

Grove, Wentel

Harding, Jacob

Harriff, Jacob

Harriff, Jacob, Jr.

Harshman, David

Hayden, William

Henry, James

Hollow, John

Jones, Caleb

Jones, Edward

Jones, Jacob

Jones, John

Jordan, John

Kerr, Robert

Kline, George

Kline, George, Jr.

Kline, John

Knight, William

Lane, John

Lanterman, Peter

Lanterman, William

Lanterman, William, 2nd

Leach, Abraham

Leach, Benjamin

Lodowick, Philip    (var. Lodewick)

Lyon, John

Mackey, John

McCollom, David

McCollom, John

McConnel, James

McConnell, Thomas

Miller, Jacob

Mockerman, Frederick    (var. Maukerman, Moherman, Mohreman)

Moffitt, Thomas

Moore, Robert

Myers, John

Naff, Henry    (var. Neff)

Ohl, David

Ohl, John

Osborn, Joseph

Osborn, Richard

Packard, John

Packard, Thomas

Petre, Henry

Phelps, Augustus

Pollom, David

Russell, James

Russell, Robert  (Same Robt. Russell married to Eliza. Lanterman, 12 Aug 1851??)

Scroggs, Aaron

Shiveley, Frederick

Sisco, David

Southworth, John C.

Sowle, Joseph    (var. Lowle)

Stewart, Archibald

Stewart, Charles

Strock, Joseph

Templeton, William

Truesdale, James

Truesdale, John

Truesdale, William

Turner, Reiley

Weatherstine, Anthony

Weatherstine, Henry

Webb, Abner

Weiss, Peter

Wetseller, Henry

Wick, Elias

Wick, William

Wolfcale, Abraham

Wolfcale, John

Wolfcale, John, Jr.