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This biography was possible through the generous consideration of Mrs. Gina M. Reasoner.  


Source:  History of Ohio, The American Historical Society Inc., 1925 Volume IV, page 163:

MARTIN DUNN. The handling of real estate and the development of properties to meet the ever-growing demand for proper housing facilities is a business that exacts efficiency and good management from those engaged in it, and these men may take credit to themselves that they not only are acquiring a well-earned competency, but also are rendering a public service of permanent value. One of the men above described is Martin Dunn, of 1536 Florencedale Avenue, Youngstown, realtor, and assistant manager for the Rayen Company, with offices at 1102 Mahoning Bank Building, Youngstown. Martin Dunn was born in County Waterford, Ireland, January 20, 1862, a son of James and Mary (Powers) Dunn, who came from Ireland to the Untied States in 1865 and settled in New Jersey. While living in Ireland the father was a cooper miner, but after coming to this country was a coal miner. Following his work, he moved to Mercer County, Pennsylvania, and lived in the vicinity of Wheatland until 1871, when, once more a change was made, and Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio, became the family home. This was exchanged in 1889 for Youngstown, and in this city his death occurred, February 4, 1917. The mother survived until May 28, 1924, and passed away at her home in Youngstown. His early educational advantages limited, when he was ten years old Martin Dunn began to work in the coal mines, and continued this line of employment until 1888, when he engaged with the iron mills as a puddler, and for fifteen years he remained in the iron industry. In June, 1903, being then appointed on the tax review board of Youngstown, he began giving his attention to his duties and remained on that board until 1915, and then was transferred to the county tax commission, his period of service on both bodies amounting to something like a dozen years. In 1916 he entered the realty field, and has continued in it ever since with gratifying results. Mr. Dunn is now accepted as one of the reliable and expert real-estate men of the city and county. In 1883 he was first married, but his wife died in 1888, leaving a daughter, Mary, who resides with her father. In 1892 Mr. Dunn married Anna Savage, of Scotland, a daughter, of John Savage and they have the following children: Anna, who is employed by the Rayen Company, lives at home; James L., who resides at Youngstown; and William J. and Raymond, who are both at home. The third child, Marguerite, died in August, 1921. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn belong to Saint Edward's Catholic Church, Youngstown. In Political faith he is a democrat,a and he is active in local affairs.