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This biography was possible through the generous consideration of Mrs. Gina M. Reasoner.  


Source:  History of Ohio, The American Historical Society, Inc., 1925 Volume IV, page 156:

JAMES M. McCARTNEY, president of the McCartney Realty Company, with offices in the Home Savings and Loan Building, at Youngstown, has spent practically all his life on land acquired by his grandfather in pioneer times, more than a century ago. The McCartney Realty company was organized to develop a portion of the old McCartney homestead as a home sub-division. Mr. McCartney was born in Coitsville Township of Mahoning county, February 15, 1873, son of Joseph and Mary (Milligan) McCartney. His grandfather, James McCartney was born in Ireland, October 1, 1791, and in 1815 married Elizabeth Maxwell, who was born in the same locality in 1793. In 1817 they came to America, and in 1819 settled at Youngstown, where James McCartney worked as a shoemaker and also conducted a brick yard, making the material which entered into one of the first brick houses in the city. Subsequently he bought the land in Coitsville Township which has since been known as the McCartney homestead. He died there April 16, 1869, and his wife, on April 14, 1865. Joseph G. McCartney, their son, was born in an old log house that stood on the McCartney homestead, July 10, 1834, and as a boy he helped erect the substantial brick house in which he spent the greater part of his life. He was a farmer and dairyman, and during his lifetime he laid out a portion of his farm into what he named Marion Heights, in honor of his granddaughter, Marion McGeehan. He was a pioneer in the prohibition movement and also advocated woman's suffrage, and for a number of years was a justice of the peace. He was an official member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Joseph G. McCartney, who died March 19, 1910, married, December 13, 1865, Miss Mary Milligan. She was born at Coitsville, September 25, 1840, and still lives at the McCartney homestead. Her father, James Milligan, was born in Ireland, son of John and Margaret Milligan, and the family came to the United States when he was a boy. James Milligan married Catherine McGuffey, member of the family of Mahoning County distinguished especially in educational affairs. She was a granddaughter of Alexander McGuffey, and her mother, Catherine McGuffey, was a sister of William H. McGuffey, editor of the famous "McGuffey Readers." Joseph G. McCartney and wife had the following children: William, who was educated as a civil engineer, and is now deceased; Matilda, mother of the Marion McGeehan, above mentioned, by her first husband, Thomas McGeehan, and she is now Mrs. William H. Reed, of East Youngstown; Bessie, widow of Dr. Osborne Yost, of East Youngstown; James M.; Adeline, wife of I.L. Small, of Pasadena, California, and Minnie, who died at the age of sixteen years. James M. McCartney, only surviving son, was reared at the old homestead, was educated in the public schools, and as a boy assisted his father on the farm and in operating the dairy. After his marriage he built a modern residence on an acre of ground adjoining the home of his parents, and continued farming, though for five years he was employed in a factory. He then resumed farming and dairying at the old homestead, with offices in the Home Savings and Loan Building at Youngstown. He and other members of the family organized the McCartney Realty Company, to develop and sell the old homestead farm. He is president of the company, Mrs. Reed is general manager, and Mrs. Yost is secretary and treasurer. The company has also handled a tract of 117 acres on Lake Milton. Mr. McCartney is a trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and for many years served as a member of the Board of Education of East Youngstown. He is independent in politics, and is a member of the Lodge and Encampment of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. On June 23, 1897, he married Miss Laura B. Willson, a native of Coitsville Township, and daughter of Albert and Lucille Willson, the only daughter of their marriage, Geraldine, died at the age of fourteen months.