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This biography was possible through the generous consideration of Mrs. Gina M. Reasoner.  


Source:  History of Ohio, The American Historical Society, Inc., 1925 Volume IV, page 197:

JOSEPH NEWTON. Experience has proven that a man succeeds best in that work in which he has acquired a practical knowledge. Theories do not give any one a sound basis for permanent development. Back of them must lie the knowledge that comes of actual experience if sound success be attained. In nothing is this more true than in electrical work with its many ramifications. Therefore, when Joseph Newton entered upon his present business of electrical contracting, at Number 28, South Walnut Street, he brought with him a practical knowledge of it and the requirements of his trade, and from the start has enjoyed a fair share of patronage in his neighborhood. Joseph Newton was born at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 10, 1888, a son of David and Emma Newton, who came to Youngstown in 1891. The father is a puddler by trade, and he is still living in this city. Until he was fourteen Joseph Newton attended the public schools, but at that early age began working for the Carnegie Steel Company, with which he continued for four years, leaving it to work at boiler-making. Still later he took up electrical work, and became stage electrician at the Park Theatre, Youngstown, which position he held until 1918. In that year he entered the field of electrical contracting, and he also handles all kinds of electrical appliances and supplies. His skill and reliability are recognized by his competitors and the trade generally. In 1916, Mr. Newton was married, and he has one daughter, Eleanor Josephine. His residence is at 1635 Mayfield Avenue. Trinity Episcopal Church holds his membership. He belongs to the Knights of Pythias, and to the Association of Electragists and to the Electrical League of Youngstown. In political faith he is a republican.