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This biography was possible through the generous consideration of Mrs. Gina M. Reasoner.  


Source:  History of Ohio, The American Historical Society, Inc., 1925 Volume IV, page 196-197:

CHARLES E. TAYLOR. Supply and demand control business development in a large measure. Whenever the supply of any article is less than the demand for it, naturally it becomes more difficult to secure an adequate amount and some means must be devised to make up the shortage. The period of warfare, with the withdrawal of so many able-bodied men for the army and for allied industries, caused a falling off in building, and this shortage was not confined to any one community, or country, for that matter, but existed all over the civilized world. In fact, this housing shortage has not yet been overcome, and therefore the abilities of some of the most energetic men of the age have been called into play to remedy the conditions, and so arrange as to throw open to tenants quarters in which they may live and rear their families. Therefore, in every community are to be found a number of alert and progressive men whose attention is given to real-estate matters. One of these representative men at Youngstown is Charles E. Taylor, who has built up an excellent business and established his reputation for fair dealing and honorable practices. Charles E. Taylor was born in Hampshire County, West Virginia, May 26, 1887, a son of J.W. and Catherine (Shoemaker) Taylor, farming people. Growing up in a rural neighborhood, Charles E. Taylor alternated attendance at the district schools with farm work until he reached his majority, at which time he began farming for himself. In 1914 he abandoned agriculture for real estate, and coming to Youngstown, opened his present line of business, and has since then been operating in real estate. In 1916, Mr. Taylor was married to Miss Florence Wheeland, born at Youngstown, and they have one daughter, Helen. Mr. Taylor is independent in his political belief. Both he and his wife have many friends at Youngstown and in Mahoning county, by whom they are held in the highest esteem.