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This biography was possible through the generous consideration of Mrs. Gina M. Reasoner.  


Source:  History of Ohio, The American Historical Society Inc., 1925 Volume IV, page 165:

HAROLD McKINLEY WILLIAMS. The career of Harold McKinley Williams, of Youngstown, has been one of constant advancement, brought about by initiative, resource and hard work, these elements being directed by good management and the ability to take advantage of opportunities as they have made their appearance. Commencing with only ordinary advantages in the way of education and without the power of family influence, he has become commercial teller of the Dollar Savings Bank and senior member of the real estate and insurance firm of H.M. Williams & Company, and this within the comparatively short period of fifteen years. Mr. Williams is a native son of Youngstown, where he was born in 1891, his parents being John W. and Wilhelmina (Penny) Williams, who now make their home at Poland, Ohio, Mrs. Williams' birth place. The education of Harold McKinley Williams was acquired in the public schools of Youngstown, and after he had graduated from the high school, in 1909, he secured employment at steel mill work, one of the principal industries of his city. After two years he decided that he could better his condition in some other field of endeavor, and accordingly became a collector for the Dollar Savings Bank. From this humble position, by reason of his fidelity and integrity, he worked his way up through various positions to his present post, that of commercial teller, a responsible office. Some years ago Mr. Williams recognized the opportunities offered by real estate transactions, and began making tentative experiments along this line. His initial operations were naturally small, owing to his lack of capital, but as time went on he was able to command larger sums and thus to enlarge the scope of his activities. Finally, in March, 1923, he organized the real estate and insurance firm of H.M. Williams & Company, his partner in this enterprise being Harold E. Evans. The company maintains handsome offices at 313 Terminal Building, handling all kinds of city and suburban property and dealing in insurance. This has grown into a successful business, and the firm now has a long list of representative clients. In 1912 Mr. Williams was untied in marriage with Miss Margaret Baldwin, who was born at Youngstown, a daughter of Edward and Anna Baldwin, natives of England. Mrs. Williams died without issue in 1919. Mr. Williams is a member of the Belmont Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. In his political allegiance he is a republican, although he takes only a passive part in political affairs. He is a Mason and a Knights of Pythias, and holds membership in the local Young Men's Christian Association.