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Bloomfield Twp. 1820
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Below you will find the entire extract for the heads of household of the 1820 census for Bloomfield Twp., Trumbull County, Ohio.  (Mahoning County was formed in 1846.)  The heads of each household are the only thing extracted below.  The 1820 census does not provide any other information except the numbers of the remaining household members and the age group they fell in.  If you require additional information, please send an email.  All reasonable requests will be fulfilled.  28 heads of household are listed below.

Bellows, Benj.

Bellows, John

Bigelow, Timothy

Brown, Ephraim

Clisbe, Lewis

Comstock, David

Crowel, Mahue

Currant, Matthew

Ferry, Leman

Green, Cyrel

Green, Jared

Green, Jared, Jr.

Hebard, Benj.

Howe, Hezekiah

Howe, Thomas

Kimball, Jared

Lanphier, Roswell

Marsh, Hosea

McClintock, Wm.

Norton, Barbara

Norton, Geo.

Smith, Aaron

Teed, Samuel

Thayer, Charles

Waterman, Ira

Weed, John

Winchester, Jonathan

Works, Asa