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Canfield Twp. 1820
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Below you will find the entire extract for the heads of household of the 1820 census for Canfield Twp., Trumbull County, Ohio.  (Mahoning County was formed in 1846.)  The heads of each household are the only thing extracted below.  The 1820 census does not provide any other information except the numbers of the remaining household members and the age group they fell in.  If you require additional information, please send an email.  All reasonable requests will be fulfilled.  126 heads of household are listed below.


Bailey, Abraham

Bailey, Jacob

Bailey, John

Beardsley, Curtis

Beardsley, Philo

Beeman, Ansel

Benton, Herman

Blocker, Jonas

Booth, Eli

Bostwick, Shadrack

Boughton, Eli T.

Boyer, Matthias

Brainard, John

Brown, Nathan

Bruce, Joseph

Bunnel, Chas.

Butt, Benj.

Canfield, Herman

Canfield, Judson

Chidester, Philo

Chidester, Erastus

Chidester, Hezekiah

Chidester, Martha

Coller, Aaron

Craver, Andrew

Dean, Joseph

Dean, William

Doud, James

Dustman, Jacob

Dustman, Martin

Ewing, Alexander

Fink, Daniel

Fitch, Cook

Ford, Martin

Frank, Jacob

Fulks, John

Fulks, Peter

Fullweller, Henry

Fusselman, Gideon

Frethey, Charles

Gilbert, Simon

Gilson, Eleazor

Harding, John

Harding, John, Jr.

Hatfield, David

Hawley, Anne M.

Hays, David

Hine, David

Hitchcock, Jabez

Hogge, William

Hoyt, Lewis

Hunt, Ezra

Johnson, John

Kline, Barbara

Lancaster, Benj.

Landon, Henry

Linn, Geo.

Linn, John, 2nd

Linn, Peter

Manchester, Peter

McCullough, Eunice

McKinney, Henry

McMullen, John

Miller, Geo.

Miller, John

Moore, Charity

Mygatt, Comfort L.

Naif, Conrad

Naif, Conrad, Jr.

Ohl, Henry

Onstot, Jacob

Osborn, Conrad

Osborn, Jacob

Osborn, John

Parmelee, Truman

Parshal, Thomas

Patch, Rebecca

Peck, Abijah

Perkins, Andrew

Philips, Sam'l

Platt, Eli

Platt, Joseph

Ramsey, Hugh S.

Ramsey, Margaret

Reed, Elizabeth

Reed, James

Ruggles, Azor

Sacket, Myron

Sacket, Simon(s)

Scofield, Mabel

Shatto, Daniel

Sillick, Electa

Sprague, Simeon

Squires, Benjamin

Squires, Jehial

Squires, Morehouse

Starr, Comfort

Stidle, Jacob

Stidle, Joseph

Stidle, Philip

Stoddard, William

Tanner, Prior

Tanner, Tryal

Thomas, William

Treat, William S.

Turner, Adam

Turner, Conrad

Turner, James

Ulrick, Samuel

Vanakin, Gideon

Wadsworth, Edward

Wadsworth, Rhoda

Wagner, Andrew

Wannemaker, Cocinna

Warner, Elihu

Warner, Elisha

Way, Arad

Wetmore, Azariah

Wetmore, Josiah

Whitesell, Jacob

Whittlesey, Elisha

Wilcox, Jacob

Wilcox, James

Wood, Josiah

Yeager, Henry

Young, John