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Hereafter you will find transcriptions of tombstones from various cemeteries located around the Mahoning Valley.  There is a focus on cemeteries located in Mahoning County, Ohio.  Please realize that some of the older notations may have a variety of mistakes because of the poor quality of material used for headstones. Northeastern Ohio has numerous headstones made from sandstone. As a result, some stones cannot be read. In addition, I transcribed the vast majority of these tombstones by row and by each individual stone in that row. Therefore, you may be able to make a relation to other tombstones based on the location of one stone to another. Finally, please realize that someone like me cannot help but be affected by some of the material I come across in these cemeteries. I find it very difficult when I come across the tombstones of infants, toddlers, and even the adolescents. Some tombstones are more memorable than others. For that reason, I have placed one of my favorites right below.  Click on the "Locate Cemetery" button provided above to search a particular cemetery in a township or municipality.  Please contact the Site Administrator with any comments or concerns at Youngstown Genealogy Website.


was born April 6, 1791

& died Dec. 11, 1810; in

the 19 year of her age,

Left an infant 6 weeks & 3 days old.

"Come all you that my grave doth see

Prepare for death to follow me

Prepare for death make no delay

For suddenly I was snatched away"


This tombstone is located in a cemetery adjacent to the Cornersburg Baptist Church,

3898 Tippecanoe Road, Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio.


Ohio is subdivided into counties, townships, and corporate municipalities.  Please click on one of the sites given above to go to that area.  Thereafter, you will be able to select a cemetery to view who is buried there.