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Coitsville Twp. 1820
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Below you will find the entire extract for the heads of household of the 1820 census for Coitsville Twp., Trumbull County, Ohio.  (Mahoning County was formed in 1846.)  The heads of each household are the only thing extracted below.  The 1820 census does not provide any other information except the numbers of the remaining household members and the age group they fell in.  If you require additional information, please send an email.  All reasonable requests will be fulfilled.  80 heads of household are listed below.

Allen, Geo.

Allington, Stephen

Augustine, Daniel

Baggs, Joseph

Bell, William

Bissell, Ami

Bissell, John

Bissell, Temperance

Brownlee, David

Burroughs, John

Carter, Joseph

Carter, Susanna

Cassady, Geo.

Clark, Thomas

Cooper, David

Crawford, David

Crawford, James

Crawford, William

Crooks, James

Davis, Martha

Earley, Thos

Fitch, Sam'l

Gammel, James

Gray, Amos

Haney, James

Harriss, Barney

Herbert, James

Hill, John

Huston, John

Huston, William

Jackson, David

Jackson, Joseph

Johnson, John

Keesecker, Michael

Kennedy, James

Kennedy, James, Jr.

Kennedy, Joseph

Kimmel, Isaac

Liggitt, John

Linn, James

Loveland, Amos

Mackey, John

Mairs, James

Marriner, Asa

Maxwell, John

McBride, Sam'l

McCormick, John

McFarland, Alexander

McFarland, Andrew

McFarland, James

McFarland, William

McGuffey, Alex

McGuffey, William

Milligan, John

Montgomery, Robert

Montieth, Daniel

Moore, Sampson

Orrick, William

Orrick, William, Jr.

Pauley, Elisha

Pauley, John

Pool, Aaron

Pool, Bazel

Potter, John

Reed, William

Robb, Matthew

Shehi, Roger (question about spelling of surname)

Shields, James

Stephens, John

Stewart, James

Stewart, David

Stewart, John

Stewart, William

Swan, William

Tannehill, William

Thornton, John

Welch, James

Wick, Daniel

Wick, Elizabeth

Wilson, David