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Common Pleas Court (1853-1866)
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Mackey, Margaret v. John Kirk, Susan Kirk, Robert McCurdy, William Porter, Mary McCurdy, John McCurdy,

        Susan McCurdy, Robert McCurdy, Jr., Samuel H. D. McCurdy, William H. McCurdy, Thomas H. McCurdy

        Bill in Chancery Court for property, Mary, John, Susan, Robert M., Jr., Samuel H. D., William H., and

        Thomas H. McCurdy are heirs to Eliza McCurdy [guardian ad litem is assigned to children]

        Provides that John Kirk conveyed property to Samuel Mackey, husband of Margaret Mackey, 28 Oct 1839,

        Samuel Mackey now deceased

        Property was previously conveyed from George Hayes to Thomas Pauley, 25 Feb 1817

Ohl, Mary Ann v. Ohl, John H, p. 190, answer of John, marriage dissolved, Jan Term 1866