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The format provided below is the date reported in the Youngstown Vindicator as follows:

[Last name, first name; other party's name; County; date reported] 

Divorces Asked

Andrews, Margaret F. v. Thomas J. Andrews, Jr., Mahoning, 7 Feb

Ausmann, Stephen W. v. T. Diane Ausmann, Mahoning, 22 Feb

Banks, Tracey U. v. Gerald K. Banks, Jr., Mahoning, 7 Feb

Bernard, Robert v. Karen Bernard, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Booth, Mary v. William Booth, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Booth, Richard E. v. May Maylas Booth, Mahoning, 7 Feb

Bricker, Shelly M. v. Robert J. Bricker, Mahoning, 15 Feb

Brown, Kristine v. Richard Brown, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Brown, Rosemarie v. Richard R. Brown, Mahoning, 8 Mar

Bruno, Dana I. v. Anthony N. Bruno, Mahoning, 22 Feb

Butler, Cassandra K. v. Nevelton Butler, Jr., Mahoning, 8 Mar

Campbell, Melissa v. Robert Campbell, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Campy, Robert M. v. Patricia Ann Campy, Mahoning, 1 Mar

Corley, Dionne A. v. Byron B. Corley, Mahoning, 22 Feb

Crawford, Michael v. Becky Crawford, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Creaturo, Kathryn v. Phillip Creaturo, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Cubbison, Adele M. v. Theodore R. Cubbison, Mahoning, 8 Mar

Curry, Christine v. Paul B. Curry, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Davis, Darlene v. Edward Davis, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Dozier, Teresa v. David Dozier, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Frederick, Shannon v. William Frederick, Mahoning, 15 Feb

Garcia, Yeiza N. v. Jose A. Garcia, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Gentile, Mary M. v. Richard D. Gentile, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Giralico, Kay v. Tony Giralico, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Greasel, Judy v. Thomas J. Greasel, Mahoning, 8 Mar

Grossman, Delores L. v. Bret D. Busch, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Haifley, John v. Leah Haifley, Columbiana, 12 Mar

James, Marlene A. v. Donald R. James, Mahoning, 7 Mar

Jameson, Karen L. v. James H. Jameson, Mahoning, 28 Feb

Jarmon, John D. v. Rochell U. Jarmon, Mahoning, 8 Mar

Jone, Derrick D. v. Marilyn D. Jones, Mahoning, 7 Mar

Kallas, Sandra v. James S. Kallas, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Linam, Lonnie v. Maria Linam, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Luzik, Terri L. v. Jack L. Luzik, Mahoning, 22 Feb

Maldonado, Jean v. Ronnie E. Maldonado, Mahoning, 1 Mar

Michael, Denise v. Glenn Michael, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Miller, Christian L. v. Kimberly A. Miller, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Miller, Sharon v. Russell Miller, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Mix, Angela v. Scott Mix, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Morgan, April L. v. Scott T. Morgan, Mahoning, 07 Feb

Nieman, Dawna M. v. Leslie W. Nieman, Mahoning, 28 Feb

Perdue, Ann R. v. Harry Perdue, Mahoning, 22 Feb

Piatt, Tina v. Roger Piatt, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Pico, Karen v. Patrick Pico, Mahoning, 7 Mar

Reed, Debra v. James Reed, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Riesen, Brian v. Michelle Riesen, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Rutan, Linda v. Richard Rutan, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Schenk, Heather v. Christian Schenk, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Smith, Deborah v. Fred Smith, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Steed, Andrew v. Angela Steen, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Steed, Angela v. Andrew Steed, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Sympson, Jim v. Shari R. Sympson, Mahoning, 03 Feb

Taylor, Glenn R., III v. Patricia I. Taylor, Mahoning, 8 Mar

Vaughn, Dianne v. John Vaughn, Mahoning, 8 Mar

Watson, Jerry D. v. Stacie Watson, Mahoning, 15 Feb

Williams, Eugene v. Shirley Williams, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Divorces Granted

Barnhouse, Colette v. James Barnhouse, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Bennett, Lori v. Donald Holma, Jr., Mahoning, 10 Mar

Blackmore, Norma v. Burdell Blackmore, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Bodnark, Tammy v. Jerry Bodnark, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Bratt, Suzanne v. Robert Bratt, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Brown, Sandra v. Douglas Brown, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Cain, Michelle v. Jeffrey Guterba, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Carzoo, Aloysius v. Niki Carzoo, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Clapsaddle, Janice v. Keith Clapsaddle, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Connelly, Cindy L. v. William J. Connelly, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Costello, Jennifer v. Darren Costello, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Crawford, Jodi I. v. Christopher Crawford, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Curl, Elena v. Michael Curl, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Curl, Elena v. Michael Curl, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Davignon, Barbara E. v. William A. Davignon, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Detchon, Amber L. v. Devlin S. Detchon, Mahoning, 10 Mar

DiCross, Matthew v. Tina DiCross, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Frederick, Cheryl v. George L. Frederick, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Fullum, Rebecca v. Brian Fullum, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Funkhouser, Cynthia v. Clifford Funkhouser, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Haluska, Elizabeth v. John Haluska, wife restored to name of Szmaj, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Harris, Ada v. Oscar Harris, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Hayes, John v. Kimberly Burke, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Hermsdorfer, Cheryl M. v. Lawrence Hermsdorfer, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Horner, Tammy J. v. Eric L. Horner, wife restored to name of Schall, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Huff, Daniel v. Lana Huff, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Hutmacher, Cynthia v. Thomas Stroka, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Italiano, Carrie v. James Italiano, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Johnson, Rommie, Jr. v. Sherry M. Johnson, wife restored to name of Gordon, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Julious, Diane v. Howard Julious, wife restored to name of Thompson, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Knight, Laura v. Ronald Knight, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Knight, Laura v. Ronald Knight, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Kropolinsky, Nick J. v. Beth Ann Kropolinsky, wife restored to name of Coffey, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Lane, Connie v. Richard Lane, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Leonard Donna v. Terry L. Leonard, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Marriotti, Orlando J. v. Estelle Marriotti, wife restored to name of Pompili, Mahoning, 10 Mar

McDade, Lori v. Charles McDade, Columbiana, 12 Mar

McIllduff, Thomas v. Malinda McIllduff, Columbiana, 25 Feb

McKenney, Sandra v. Kelly McKenny, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Melacrinos, Marietta v. Steven Melacrinos, wife restored to name of Pavlidis, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Nerone, Norma M. v. Erenio Nerone, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Plak, Barbara v. Robert Plak, wife restored to name of Colutes, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Pondillo, Laurie v. Anthony Pondillo, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Portis, Charles L., II v. Roberta Portis, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Rice, Robert v. Deborah A. Rice, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Saad, Abby v. Shenouda Saad, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Saling, Amy v. Matthew Saling, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Scofield, Christopher v. Catherine Scofield, wife restored to name of McCleery, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Scott, Frances v. Richard Scott, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Shoaff, Lynne v. Ricky Shoaff, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Simerlink, Robert G. v. Donna Simerlink, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Smith, Robert H. v. Pamela T. Smith, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Steingrabe, David G., II v. Karen Steingrabe, wife restored to name of Stephens, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Tikkanen, Jennifer v. David M. Tikkanen, Mahoning, 10 Mar

VanKirk, Elizabeth v. Glenn Van Kirk, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Ward, Arthur, Jr. v. Helen Franklin, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Wells, Warren v. Kandie Wells, Columbiana, 12 Mar

Witherspoon, Omar v. Susan Witherspoon, wife restored to name of McClintock, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Dissolutions Asked/Filed

Alberico, Andrew J. & Diane Pantelis, Mahoning, 8 Mar

Bair, Robert M. & Christina R. Bair, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Carik, Ronald P. & Pauline A. Carik, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Choby, Robert B. & Judy B. Choby, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Flynn, Brian J. & Oksana T. Flynn, Mahoning, 15 Feb

Galanses, Linda & Nicholas Galanses, Mahoning, 22 Feb

Harmon, Stacey A. & Eric J. Harmon, Mahoning, 7 Mar

Lindsey, Caroline & Richard Lindsey, Mahoning, 07 Feb

Lydic, Rita M. & Wayne Lydic, Mahoning, 15 Feb

Merritt, Susan & Stephen Merritt, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Nagi, Omar Ali & Tracy L. Nagi, Mahoning, 15 Feb

Reese, Michael & Amy Reese, Mahoning, 7 Mar

Skowron, Diana L. & Joseph M. Skowron, Mahoning, 28 Feb

Thomas, Kathi & Richard Thomas, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Young, Coleen R. & Leslie H. Young, Mahoning, 2 Mar

Dissolutions Granted

Beal, Linda S. & Charles W. Beal, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Beight, Eric & Mary Beight, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Bellino, Samuel & Roberta Bellino, Mahoning, 03 Feb

Clausell, Letticia & Omar J. Clausell, Sr., wife restored to name of Natal, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Cozza, Amber & Eric Cozza, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Dickey, Terry & Robin Dickey, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Durham, Julie & Lance Durham, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Farber, Myriam & Kyle Farber, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Finchman, Cara & Jack Finchman, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Gaiser, Lenora & Carl H. Gaiser, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Gentry, Deborah & David Gentry, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Gnipp, Raymond & Diane Gnipp, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Greefield, Jack & Shelley Greefield, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Greenisen, Ann & Ernest Greenisen, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Ham, Elmer C. & Mary J. Ham, wife restored to name of Harris, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Hilty, Scott E. & Donna D. Hilty, wife restored to name of Kennedy, Trumbull, 12 Mar

Kritzer, Michael & Marcia Kritzer, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Lewis, Stephen D. & Tonya Lewis, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Lutes, Frances & Rodrick Lutes, Jr., Mahoning, 10 Mar

Nappi, Edward & Laura Nappi, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Nims, Jeffrey L. & Linda M. Nims, Mahoning, 10 Mar

O'Brien, Melanie S. & Sean P. O'Brien, wife restored to name of Usis, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Pesa, Tracy L. & Richard J. Pesa, Mahoning, 03 Feb

Peterson, Vickie & Daniel Peterson, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Pick, Amy & Raymond Pick, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Reynolds, Dawna L. & Norman W. Reynolds, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Risinger, Judy & Robert Risinger, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Roach, Jason & Julie Roach, Columbiana, 25 Feb

Rhoads, Lisa & Todd Rhoads, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Roush, Linda & Bruce Roush, Columbiana, 11 Feb

Santiago, Benjamin P., Jr. & Elizabeth Santiago, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Sarnowski, Cynthia J. & Brian A. Sarnowski, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Seman, Sue Ellen & Thomas Seman, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Sherman, David & Shirley Sherman, Mahoning, 03 Feb

Skeliski, Steven W. & Heather Skeliski, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Smith, Rocky & Sandy Smith, Columbiana, 3 Mar

Stockman, Franklin Odell & Pamela K. Stockman, Mahoning, 10 Mar

Thompson, Alvan & Stacy Thompson, Columbiana, 11 Feb