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Doud Farm Cemetery
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DOUD FARM CEMETERY Location: Vienna Township, Trumbull County, Ohio, on Kings Graves Road next to Interstate Route 11 (no access at that bridge), southeast corner next to the overpass. Inscriptions as copied by Judy Smith Magons and Miriam Miller on October 15, 1976. (See also: comments page and map; note map is on legal size paper)

Begin left to right, Northeast corner First Row 

SLIFER Elmon Leighton, son of John & Carrie Slifer Born Feb. 13, 1895; died Nov. 28, 1907 Aged 12 years, 9 mos., 15 days (metal monument) 

DOUD Bassima, daughter of Samuel Jr. & Mary Doud Died Jan. 12, 1845, ae 1 yr & 12 days DOUD Mary, wife of Samuel Doud, Jr. died Sept 18, 1851, age 44 yrs 

DOUD Samuel Doud, born Nov. 27, 1800; died May 18, 1873 

CADWALLADER Almira B. Cadwallader, 1821-1910 

CADWALLADER Allison Cadwallader, 1854-1873 

BOYD Sarah, wife of Wm. Boyd died Sept. 11, 1873, in her 75th year 

BOYD William A. Boyd, died Aug. 21, 1846? Aged 43? yrs., 3? mos., 21? days 

BOYD Mary Ann, wife of D. C. Boyd Died Apr. 15, 1862, Aged 40 yrs 2 mo 12 ds. CADWALLADER Farilla M., daughter of H. __ Cadwallader Died July 22, 1831, aged 11? yrs 6 ds. 

Second Row, left to right 

REEVES Esther A. wife of Henry B. Reeves, daughter of Lucas & Sarah Doud died May 18, 1866 In the 31 yr of her age 

DOUD J. L. Doud, born June 11, 1831, died April 28, 1906 (metal marker, also a U.S. veteran marker) 

DOUD Evaline L., wife of John L. Doud Died Sept. 28, 1901, aged 62 yrs. "Gone But Not Forgotten" (metal marker) 

DOUD Celia D., dau of John L. & Evaline Doud Died Nov. 29, 1863? Aged 1 yr 2 mo 14? days DOUD Mary Doud, 1847-1920 

DOUD Lucas Doud, born 1811, died 1903 (metal marker) 

DOUD Lucas Doud (monument naming the above Lucas Doud) Sarah, his wife, died Feb. 9, 1886, aged 74 yrs Esther A. Reeves, died May 18, 1866, aged 30 yrs 2 mo 4 d. Henry A. Doud, died July 16, 1883, aged 28 yrs 3 mo "Children of Lucas & Sarah Doud" Infant, died Jan. 31, 1838 Electa A., died Sept 8, 1843, aged 19 mo, 2 days James, died Sept. 4, 1848, aged 5 wks, 3 days Hannah M., died Sept. 14, 1863, aged 19 yrs, 3 mo, 7 days "Children of Lucas & Sarah Doud" 

DOUD Lois, wife of Samuel Doud, died Feb. 25, 1861, Aged 82 yrs. 

DOUD Samuel Doud, died July 24, 1849, aged 68 yrs. 

DOUD (monument) Vashti C. (or G.?), wife of Jason Doud died May 3, 1874, aged 64 ? yrs, 10 mo & 26 da Jason Doud, died Sept. 26, 18_4 ? aged __9 ? yrs, ___ ? mo & ___? days

 CHADWICK (monument) Joseph Chadwick, born April 15, 1806, died Mar 5, 1886 Adaline, his wife, born Aug. 3, 1816, died May 25, 1900 (Unknown) Mahala, died 18___ (nearly all writing is obliterated, but stone is of a different quality than any other in the cemetery except the one belonging to Rachel Broughton) 

BROUGHTON Rachel, died Aug 16, 1856, Aged 87 yrs 13 days 

ANDRUS Isaac Andrus, died March 6, 1864, Aged 69 yrs 2 mo 

ANDRUS Permelia, wife of Isaac Andrus, died Feb. 25, 1877 Aged 78 yrs, 11 mo 22 ds Third Row, left to right 

TAYLOR Infant,son of Alanson & _________ M. Taylor Died Dec. 16, 1862 

HAYES Sarah E., wife of Dwight Hayes died Feb. 20, 1893, aged 52 yrs 

HAYES Dwight Hayes, died Sept. 16, 1861 Aged 24 yrs, 1 mo, 9 da (A lengthy, unreadable verse follows, and very clearly written in the stone at the very bottom appears "Howard & Koehler, Warren, O.") 

UNKNOWN (An old buffalo stone is set in line with the others and to the right next to Dwight Hayes' stone) 

WILKINS Mary, wife of John C. (or G.?) Wilkins died June 13, 1845, aged 40 yrs. 

UNKNOWN In memory of Edward, son of (unreadable) died 18__ aged yrs. 

Fourth Row, left to right 

DRAY (monument) John C. Dray, died Aug. 23, 1891, Aged 74 yrs. Andalucia, his wife, died July 1, 1893, aged 72 yrs. (in back of Dray monument is a small stone inscribed: J. C. Dray, Co., F., Trumbull Co., Ohio Vols) 

DRAY Lucian Dray, born July 3, 1851, died Jan. 19, 1891 

DRAY Elmus, son of John & Andalucia Dray died Sept. 13, 1872, aged 23 yrs, 11 mo, 12 days 

LAMPSON Penelope, daughter of Benjamin Lampson died Apr 27, 1837 (or 57?) Aged 76 yrs. (top of this stone is broken off) 

FULLER L. Josephine, daughter of S. R. & R. N.? Fuller Died Sept. 10, 1851 aged 11? yrs & ___ days 

FULLER Lucina G. Fuller, daughter of S. R. & Fuller Died Sept. 6, 1851 aged 6 yrs 

FULLER Albina A., daughter of Sam'l R. & Fuller Died Sept. 21, 1851 aged 8? yrs 

FULLER Saml R. Fuller, died Sept. 25, 1851, Aged 32? yrs. 

Fourth Row, continued 

RUST Esther, wife of Alony Rust, died Aug. 9, 1865 In the 91 year of her age 

RUST Aloney Rust, Died June 20, 1857 Aged 91 yrs, 1 mo & 10 days (veteran markers) 

RUST Rachel, daughter of Aloney & Esther Rust died Nov. 2, 1844, aged 20 yrs. 

RUST John, son of J. & P.R.? Rust Died May 19, 1841, Aged 1 yr & 6 mos There were many open spaces without stones. See map. <<<>>> Judith Smith Magons and Miriam Miller were members of the Ashtabula County Genealogical Society located in Jefferson, Ohio in 1976. At this writing, Mim Miller is deceased. Judy Magons is now located in Wadsworth, Ohio. She is descended from Isaac & Permelia Broughton Andrus/Andrews and Rachel Broughton, as well as from Samuel and Lois Johnson/Johnston Doud, all buried in this cemetery. 19 July 2000 <<<>>> COMMENTS ON DOUD CEMETERY LISTINGS: As a matter of interest, I checked the marriages for Trumbull County, Ohio, to review surnames for some of the burials in Doud Cemetery, some of which are shown here, among others of interest. (Reference: Trumbull Co. O. Early Marriages 1800-1865 compiled by Mrs. Roscoe Winnagle; edited, arranged and published by The Trumbull Co. Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.) 

BOYD, Jacob, 01-8-1818, Polly McGEE 

BOYD, David C., 10-28-1848, Mary Ann McCLEERY 

BOYD, William, 11-20-1817, Sally McGEE BOYD, James B., 10-22-1834, Mary DOUD CADWALADER, Alfred, 02-17-1848, Olive C. BOYD 

CHADWICK, Joseph, 12-31-1835, Adeline DOUD CRATSLEY, William, 02-15-1862, Sarah HAYES DOUD, Jason, 05-05-1831, Vasty SIGLER DOUD, John L. 02-08-1860, Evaline L. PERKINS DOUD, Lucas, 12-06-1832, Sarah M. HARKNESS DOWD, Samuel, 01-01-1828, Mary DRAY DRAA, John, 08-01-1854, Mary Jane REEVES DRAY, John C., 10-24-1839, Andelucia DOUD HAYES, Dwight, 10-24-1858, Sarah E. CHADWICK HAYES, Edward J., 01-07-1836, Evaline LAMPSON HAYES, Picten, 12-24-1865, Charlotte DRAY LAMSON, Benjamin, 01-05-1858, Mrs. Sarah GREENWOOD McCLEERY, James, 12-28-1843, Cordelia SIGLER REEVES, Henry B., 09-12-1854, Esther A. Dowell (Dowd/Doud?) SIGLER, Walter, 05-05-1824, Lois DOUD TAYLOR, Alanson, 02-18-1862, Esther M. DOUD TAYLOR, Edgar, 04-05-1854, Sarah E. SIGLER WILKINS, John C. 01-28-1847, Rosanna OAK WILKINS, John C., 08-21-1856, Matilda CLARK WILKINS, John, 05-31-1865, Lorinda MORRISON DOUD CEMETERY King Graves Road, Vienna Twp., Trumbull Co., Ohio October 15, 1976 Tombstone Readings Judy Smith Magons & Miriam Miller of Ashtabula, Ohio 

Text Boxes do not reflect actual stone or marker size at approximate locations Print on 8 1'2" high x 14" wide paper