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Lanterman-Moherman Cemetery
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This is a small family cemetery that was established 1831 located at the five corners where Meridian Road and Mahoning Avenue intersect in Austintown, Mahoning County, Ohio. The cemetery is nearly a paragon measuring approximately 27 paces by 28 paces. An Eagle Scout Project was completed on July 3, 1993, by Scouts Shaun and Richard Wray, wherein the cemetery was cleaned and repaired. In addition, the Wrays caused a brass and wood structure to be place in front of the cemetery. The names of those buried in the cemetery were placed on small brass plaques. These young men should be commended for their individual effort. There is at least one newspaper article around July 3, 1993, which addresses the efforts of the Wrays and this cemetery. Walking up the steps into the cemetery, you will see that the grave sites are separated to the left and to the right.



LANTERMAN, Lanterman, Peter, Mar. 21, 1841 - Apr. 1, 1882; His Wife, Lavina (See Cornersburg Cemetery; I believe she is buried there.); Their Children, Mary, German, Catherine, John, Carrie, Gertrude, Frank

LANTERMAN (??), Mary I., Daughter of G.E. & L.M. Lanterman, Died, Mar. 29, 1870, Aged 6 weeks & 1 d. (Surname is presumed to be Lanterman)

RUSH, Polly, Wife of Abner Rush, & daughter of Peter & Elizabeth, Lanterman, Died Aug. 22, 1860, Agd 54 yrs., 10 Ms, 17 d.; Abner Rush, Died Dec. 4, 1874, Agd 75 ys, 8 Ms, 18 d (Pollys surname presumed to be Rush when buried)

KIMBERLY, Minerva, Wife of, Samuel Kimberly, Dec. 20, 1855, Aged 37 years, 10 Ms & 24 ds (Minervas surname presumed to be Kimberly when buried)

LANTERMAN, John Lanterman, Died, Jan. 31, 1869, Aged (Sorry, cannot read it)




PACKARD, small headstone, possibly childs, Bobby, (cannot read), died Aug. 22, 1841 ???, Aged 7 yrs.???




LANTERMAN, (main stone; see #7, #8, #9), Lanterman, John H. Lanterman, 1837-1903; Matilda His Wife, 1843-1893; Peter L. Their son, 1874-1893 (There is a G.A.R. 1861-1865 post here; my guess is that John H. is the Civil War veteran. He would have been about 24 years of age when the war started.)

LANTERMAN, Granville P., son of, J. H. & M. Lanterman, Died, Dec. 28, 1863, Aged 2 yrs & 6 Ms & 7 ds

ROSS, James C. Ross (cannot read anything else on the tombstone)

There are brass plaques in front of the cemetery which provide the following:


Left Side


Frederick Moherman

Mary Moherman

Betsy Moherman


James C. Ross

Bravo J. Packard

Peter L. Packard

Sally Packard

Bobby Packard

Abner Rush

Polly Rush


Eagle Scout Project

Shaun Wray

Troop 84 July 3, 1993


Right Side



Peter Lanterman

Elizabeth Lanterman

Mary I. Lanterman

John Lanterman

John H. Lanterman

Matilda Lanterman


Peter L. Lanterman

Grandville P. Lanterman (tombstone has Granville; Granville is a generally accepted Christian name.)

Minerva Kimberly


Eagle Scout Project

Richard Wray

Troop 84 July 3, 1993