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The Youngstown Genealogy Website is presently accepting family lineages to post to its site.  If you do post a lineage to this site, the site administrator will upload an index to the birth records (pre-1908) of the main surname provided for posting (only Mahoning County).  For example, Tim Terry provided the lineage of Joseph Strock.  The site administrator, in turn, uploaded all of the indexed births for the surname of Strock for Mahoning County (the time period up to 1908).

If using another genealogy program, select the report option most similar to what you see used here, and save it as .RTF (Rich Text Format) preferably, or ASCII text, zip it, and after notifying me, send it along! Don't forget to include your name when you send the file, and an email or mailing address where you can be reached by people with updates.  You should send lineage submissions to Youngstown Genealogy Website by attaching the file to your email.  The following guidelines must be followed when submitting family lineages.  (1) All persons who donate to this site shall hold the host provider and Mahoning Valley Genealogical Society harmless for any and all issues of liability arising from the posting of said lineage to this site; (2) No living person shall be submitted in donated files; (3) There will be no copyright protection to any material donated; and (4) At least one person in the donated lineage must have been born, married, or died in the Mahoning Valley (Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties).  If at least one person lived an extensive period of time in the Mahoning Valley, then the lineage will also be accepted for posting.

Need additional help?  Click on the "How to Submit" button at the top of this page.