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Marriages (1800-1849)
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MARRIAGES (1800-1849)

Kronick, Micahel, 30 ??? 1847, to Peggy Knough, by Wm Schinick, Justice of the Peace

Kuntz, Fillman, 18 Apr 1847, to Ann Miller by Fred'k Beecher

Kyle, Hannah, 23 Apr 1846, to Thos. K. Davidson by Jno Moore, Justice of the Peace

Kyle, Jemima, 27 May 1846, to John G. Maltbee by J.C. Fusselman

Kyle, Joshua, 26 Apr 1848, to Barbara Ann Bowman by Ira Norris

Kyle, Laura, 23 Sep 1846, to Charles Merrell by Jno Moore, Justice of the Peace

Kyle, Thomas, 10 Feb 1848, to Elizabeth Russell by Harvey Brockett, minister


Ladd, Joshua, 18 May 1847, to Lydia Cobbs by Benj R. Shreve, Justice of the Peace

Laipple, Maria, 14 Sep 1849, to Fred'k Schneider by W. Sigelen, minister

Lamborn, Elizabeth, 01 Oct 1846, to Parker C. Morris by Chauncey R. Fowler, Justice of the Peace

Lambrecht, Susannah, 04 Oct 1849, to Augustus Bierwith by Chas Zwisler

Landers, ????, 10 Apr 1849, to J.B. Booth by Wm O. Stratton

Landers, Chas., 09 Nov 1848, to Hannah Berlin by C. Chamberlin

Landers, David, 14 Dec 1848, to Lucinda Ritchie by Samuel Stewart

Larkins, Mary, 15 Sep 1846, to Avery Cross by S.C. Freer, minister

Launders, (Saunders?), Margaret, 01 Nov 1846, to Peter Painter by Jno B. Tinsley, Justice of the Peace

Laver, Magdalene, 13 Jun 1847, to Geo Wagoner by H. Hewit, minister

Lavery?. Nancy, 21 Jan 1847, to Michael Pifere by W. Schinick, minister

Leach, John, 08 Oct 1846, to Hopey Lynn by C.R. Fowler, Justice of the Peace

Lee, Alvina S., 29 Jul 1846, to Julius Woodruff by Joseph Kerr, minister

Lee, Eliza Ann, 25 Jun 1846, to George Stough by W. H. Hunter, minister

Lee, Harriet Lucinda, 06 May 1849, to Thos. Miller by Jos Kerr, minister

Lee, Noah H., 08 May 1849, to Elizabeth Gouge by J.R. Locke

Lehman, Christian, 23 Nov 1848, to Susannah Shank by H. Stauffer

Lehman, John, 30 Nov 1848, to Anna Blosser by Henry Stauffer

Lehman, Josiah, 07 Jul 1848, to Hannah Huldeman by J.G. Ellinger


Moherman, Robert, 9 Nov 1848, to Catherine McKain, by John C. Fussleman, Justice of the Peace

Moyer, Nathan, 26 Aug 1849, to Matilda Sausel, by Rev. Frederick C. Becker


Truesdale, Hannah & James Woodruff, 14 Sep 1848, by C. A. Boardman, p

Truesdale, Jackson, Dr. & Hannah L. Ickis, 7 Aug 1849, by Rev. John W. Hill, p

Truesdale, Olive & Joseph Wehr, 25 Feb 1847, by Rev. George W. Maltby, p

Truesdale, Robbinson & Rachel Avery, 4 Jul 1848, by Rev. C. A. Boardman, p

Turner, Charles R. & Harriet Sackett, 6 Apr 1848, by Rev. James E. Gaston, p

Turner, Daniel H. & Melissa Glass, 21 Oct 1849, by Jeffrey H. Vaughn, Justice of the Peace, p

Turner, Jacob H. & Deborah Hull, 6 Jul 1848, by Elijah F. Drake, Justice of the Peace, p


Wehr, Joseph, 25 Feb 1847, to Olive Truesdale, by George W. Maltby, Rev.

Woodruff, James, 14 Sep 1848, to Hannah Truesdale, by C.A. Boardman, Minister of the Gospel