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Marriages (1850-1899)
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MARRIAGES (1850-1899)


Asche, William & Mary Harmon, pub. 24 Sep 1895, v

Augustine, Cephas, 16 Jul 1879, to Sadie J. McBride, at New Bedford, Pa., by the Rev. H.S. Boyd, both of

         Coitsville, Ohio

Barger, Henry & Hattie Bare, pub. 4 Sep 1895, v

Barkefelt, Joseph W. & Lola V. Morgan, pub. 4 Sep 1895, v

Benox, Samuel J. & Kattie Hamilton, pub. 4 Sep 1895, v

Berbig, William & Mary Davis, pub. 5 Sep 1895, v

Boley, Daniel, 16 May 1853, to Susannah Shoenberger, in Austintown, on the 16th ult., by John Moore, Esq., 

        both of Jackson

Brentzel, Henry W. & Naomia Ober, pub. 16 Sep 1895, v

Bunts, Ann E., See P. N. Weaver.

Brooks, Samuel & Florence Shrum, pub. 17 Sep 1895, v

Brown, Pete & Sarah Thompson, pub. 18 Sep 1895, v

Centi, Antonio & Marie Antonio Fusco, pub. 24 Sep 1895, v

Clarke, Jane, See William Lanterman

Cotton, W. J. & Alice Kinille, pub. 14 Sep 1895, v

Crater, Ann, See Cornelius Herffer

Crok, W. A. to Grace G. Weasner, vol 3, 344

Croke, Agnes to James Carroll, vol 20, 250

Croke, Mary to John Lewis, vol 4, 373

Crook, Clifford to Lima?? J. Green, vol 12, 26

Crook, Jane to Richard W. Ham, vol 1, 35

Crook, Margaret A. to Chas. W. Porter, vol 23, 231

Crook, Rhoda to E. Warrington, M.D., vol 9, 2

Crook, Sidney to Susie Elmer, vol 15, 242

Crook, Thos. to Mary A. Eaton, vol 2, 302

Crook, Viola to William G. Jewell, vol 15, 435

Crooks, Alice to Calvin Osborn, vol 2, 152

Crooks, Anna J. to John McFeaters, vol 11, 475

Crooks, Emma to William L. Hartz, vol 15, 489

Crooks, G. S. to Chas. Rice, vol 13, 373

Crooks, Ionia [Iona?] M. to Henry J. Hancock, vol 8, 266

Crooks, James, Jr. to Ellen McDonald, vol 1, 198

Crooks, Mabel J. to William E. Wagstaff, vol 16, 197

Crooks, Maggie J. to Albert L. Welch, vol 11, 301

Crooks, Margaret J./I. to Barney L. Norwood, vol 1, 73

Crooks, Margaret to DeForest Weeks, vol 15, 217

Crooks, Mary Jane to Mose Fitzgerald, vol 8, 332

Crooks, Sarah to Henry B. Wells, vol 5, 373

Crouk, Susan M. to William M. Chapman, vol 1, 385

Dunbar, Clayton H. & Nellie Williams, pub. 18 Sep 1895, v

Eckenrode, Isabella, See John Wingate.

Ellett [Elliott], John H., 1 Jan 1858, to Almira A. Card, by Caleb Brown, Minister of the Gospel, filed

        6th of Jan 1858, Judge G. I. Young

Elliott, Willard W., 29 Dec 1853, to Mary Munson, by Joseph G. Heney, Justice of the Peace, Youngstown

Forson, Philo, [marriage], 24 Feb 1853, to Mary Knox of Youngstown, on the 24th inst., by William

        Remsburgh, Forson of Gustavus, Trumbull County, Ohio.  See Mahoning Free Democrat, 3/3/1853

Foster, John & Luella Baldwin, pub. 7 Sep 1895, v

Franklin, A. T. & Augusta Mahlin, pub. 28 Sep 1895, v

Hendricks, John, 25 May 1853, in Poland, on the 25th ult., by the Rev. M. H. Bettess, married to Jane Herron, 

        both of Canfield, The Mahoning Free Democrat, 9 Jun 1853

Herffer, Cornelius, 28 May 1853, to Ann Crater of Youngstown, in Canfield, at the Bostwick House on the 

        28th ult., by C. R. Fowler, Esq.

Herron, Jane, See John Hendricks.

Holland, Sarah, See Thomas Kemble

Jackson, William J. & Mary H. Mullally, pub. 5 Sep 1895, v

Jones, Charles W. & Winifred Price, pub. 5 Sep 1895, v

Kemble, Thomas, 18 Nov 1852, married to Sarah Holland, in Austintown, by Elder W. S. Gray, Kemble from 

        Green Twp. and Holland from Coitsville, The Mahoning Free Democrat,7 Jan 1853

Kergal, Sarah Jane, See John W. Leonard.

Kimmel, Smith, 23 Dec 1852, to Juliana Struble, in Hubbard, by Elder W. S. Gray, Kimmel of Coitsville,

        Struble of Hubbard, The Mahoning Free Democrat, 7 Jan 1853

King, Henrietta, See Charles G. Vial.

Knox, Mary, See Philo Forson above.

Lanterman, William, 12 Dec 1852, to Jane Clarke, in Austintown, by Elder W. S. Gray, both of Austintown, The

        Mahoning Free Democrat, 7 Jan 1853

Leonard, John W., 23 Dec 1852, to Sarah Jane Kergal by Rev. D. A. Fisher, both of Mahoning County, Ohio, 

        See 31 Dec 1852 issue of Mahoning Free Democrat.

Lewis, Edward R. & Elizabeth Jones, pub. 7 Sep 1895, v

Malmesberry, Louis B. & Nellie Wharton, pub. 19 Sep 1895, v

McBride, Sadie J.; See Cephas Augustine above.

McCartney, William B????, 13 Jan 1853, to Emily O. Merrill, by Rev. William Remsburgh, McCartney of 

        Youngstown, Merrill of Austintown, The Mahoning Free Democrat, 27 Jan 1853

McDonald, Samuel & Flora Pitchford, pub. 2 Sep 1895, v

McFee, James F. & Agnes M. Kennedy, pub. 19 Sep 1895, v

Merrill, Emily O., See William McCartney

Miller, Ralph E. & Stella Leonard, pub. 17 Sep 1895, v

Mitchell, H. C. & Josie Grundy, pub. 5 Sep 1895, v

Moherman, Daniel, 1 Feb 1852, to Susan Miller, by Adam Lynn, Justice of the Peace

Moherman, William H., 8 Jan 1857, to Elizabeth C. Lynn, by W.G. March, Minister of the Gospel

Moherman, Winchester, 17 Jan 1851, to Samantha A. Orr, by William C. Stratton, Minister of the Gospel

Moore, Alfred J. & Emma H. Brown, pub. 4 Sep 1895, v

Morris, James & Lizzie Hughes, pub. 13 Sep 1895, v

Morris, William & Mary Davis, pub. 10 Sep 1895, v

Moyer, David, 29 Sep 1861, to Lydia Schnarrenbarger, by Rev. Chas. Zwisler

Moyer, Louis & Rose Hartzell, pub. 12 Sep 1895, v

Moyer, Samuel, 10 Sep 1857, to Susannah Culler, by Rev. G. Kranz

Moyer, Samuel, 15 Jul 1860, to Leah Simon, by G. Kranz, Evangelical Lutheran

Peters, John W. & Emma Appleman, pub. 18 Sep 1895, v

Shively, F. C. & Bertie Westover [Weston?], pub. 11 Sep 1895, v

Shoenberger, Susannah, See Boley, Daniel

Smith, George Hand, 18 Mar 1857, to Ella Eliza Truesdale, by Thomas Frame, Justice of the Peace

Snyder, H. R. & Martha E. Cowden, pub. 20 Sep 1895, v

Stenson, David & Blanche Stewart, pub. 18 Sep 1895, v

Struble, Juliana, See Smith Kimmel

Truesdale, Alexander, 19 Nov 1867, to Ann Kennedy, by J. R. Truesdale

Truesdale, Calvin & Charlotte Haynes, 1 Jan 1851, by Rev. Theodore I. Keep, p

Truesdale, Jackson & Lucy E. Ripley, 24 Mar 1864, by Rev. A. R. Hammond, p

Truesdale, John & Adaline Young, 18 Nov 1863, by Rev. Samuel Sterritt, p

Truesdale, Julia & Ebenezer Bigham, 29 Jan 1862, by Joseph M. Henderson, p

Truesdale, Lucy J. & Sheldon Jacobs, 24 Jun 1862, by George W. Maltby, p

Truesdale, Margaret & T. H. Kennedy, 25 Jun 1851, by Rev. Whitman, p

Truesdale, S. M. & C. K. Riley, 13 Feb 1862, by A. S. McMaster, p

Truesdale, W. C., 10 Mar 1870, to Desdamona Duer, by Jas. P. Irwin

Turner, A. J., 2 Nov 1870, to Maria Winfield, by David E. Wilson, Justice of the Peace

Turner, A. M., 20 Dec 1854, to Nancy M. Wilson, by Thomas Guy

Turner, Elizabeth & Lemuel Hoyles, 16 Nov 1865, by Rev. William Hayes, p

Turner, J. C., 6 May 1869, to Fannie C. Jones, by T. S. Clarke

Turner, James, 29 May 1856, to Martha Jane Waters

Turner, John C. & Elizabeth Ellsworth, 14 Aug 1863, by Rev. R. H. Hurlburt, p

Turner, Silas, 27 Nov 1856, to Betsey Goodrich, by Jacob B. Leach, Justice of the Peace

Turner, Zenas, 24 Mar 1868, to Betsey Houser, by Samuel Jones, Justice of the Peace

Tuttle, J.E., 15 Sep 1863, to Susie P. Shively, by James W. Hughes, Justice of the Peace, license issued 

        9 Sep 1863

Vial, Charles G., 20 Jan 1853, at Brookfield, Trumbull County, on the 20th inst., by Rev. Mr. Wright, 

        both from Youngstown, Ohio, married to Henrietta King, The Mahoning Free Democrat, 27 Jan 1853

Voight, Otto G. & Hattie Jesky, pub. 7 Sep 1895, v

Walker, David & Alice Kennedy, pub. 25 Sep 1895, v

Ward, Amos & Sarah M. Liphing, pub. 10 Sep 1895, v

Ward, Thomas J. & Gracie C. Newton, pub. 24 Sep 1895, v

Weaver, P. N., 22 Dec 1852, to Ann E. Bunts, on the 22nd inst., by Rev. Ira Norris, Weaver from Albany, 

        N.Y., Bunts from Ellsworth, Ohio, The Mahoning Free Democrat, 7 Jan 1853

Wehr, Josiah, 14 Aug 1853, to Mary Ann Crum, by Adam Lynn, Justice of the Peace

Weidmage, Jacob J. & Helena Henily, pub. 26 Sep 1895, v

Williams, Harry & Maggie Polonis, pub. 10 Sep 1895, v

Williams, W. J. & Sarah Cooper, pub. 4 Sep 1895, v

Wingate, John, 12 May 1853, of Hardin County, Ohio, married, Isabella Eckenrode, in Jackson, on the 12th inst., 

        by J. Truesdale, Esq., Isabella is from Jackson, The Mahoning Free Democrat,19 May 1853