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Real Estate 1879
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The following are real estate transfers that were reported in the Youngstown Vindicator, unless otherwise noted:

Burnett, Henry L. to Elizabeth Burnett, lot 64, Lansingville, Yo. Twp.

Cisco, Israel to John Caldwell, lots 320 and 321, Struthers, Poland

Finney, Henry E. to Dr. J. Harmon, lot 12, Yo. Twp.

Finney, Henry E. to Dr. J. Harmon, mult. lots, Yo. City

Fitch, Sarah to Julia M. Fitch, lot 65, Poland Borough

Hanna, C. to Elizabeth Burnett, lot 64, Lansingville, Yo. Twp.

McGinnes, Edward to Peter McHale, lot 1067, Yo. City

Ohl, Samuel H. to Elias Harding, lot 24, Austintown

Ohl, Samuel H. to Rachel Harding, lot 24, Austintown

Smith, Valentine to Mary Donovan, lot 5, N. Middletown, Miller's Addition, Springfield

Van Fleet, John to John R. Davis, lot 21, Yo. City

Weis, Gottleb to Rachael S. Cramer, sec 22, 23-100 acres, Green






Taken from the Youngstown Daily Vindicator, 6 SEP 1895, p 2 Transfers of Real Estate The following transfers of real estate have been filed with the county recorder: Atelles Beard and wife to Charles W. McCormick, lot 221 in Hamilton & Evan's plat, $175 Ella D. Mansell to Silas Shook lots 5434, 5435, 9060 and 9061 on Pearl St, $1,000. F. B. Medbury and wife to George D. Hersey, city lots 5494, 5495, 5491, 5492 on Belle avenue, $1,552.60. William Naylor to E. E. Allison, guardian, lots 37 and 27 in Beloit, $685. Thomas F. Holt to William F. Dustman, city lot 7854, $750. Helena Dustman to Thomas F. Holt, city lot 7820, $300. C. B. and H. K. Wick, 28 feet on South avenue, $850.