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Youngstown 1820
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The following is extracted from the 1820 Census for the Village of Youngstown, Trumbull County, Ohio.

Brisbe, Jospeh

Bryson, Samuel

Cook, George

Crawford, Moses

Day, John

Dutton, Charles

Flint, Benjamin

Geddings, Festus

Hardman, George

Hillman, James

Hine, Homer

Hogge, John

Holland, Benjamin

King, Singelton

Kimmel, Philip

Manning, Henry

Morris, William (var. Morrip)

Murdock, Margaret

Polley, Josiah

Rayen, William

Smith, Jonathan

Tibbetts, Jerry

Townsend, John F.

Veal, Jacob

Wick, Henry

Wick, William, Jr.

Woodbridge, John E.