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PAF 4.x/5.x
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Exporting Family Files for the Youngstown Genealogy Website

from PAF 4.x/5.x

PAF 4.x/5.x is © 1999, 2000, Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

PAF 4.x/5.x may be downloaded free of charge from the FamilySearchtm site.


Several people lately have asked how to export files from PAF 4.x/5.x for Mahoning Valley Genealogical Services.  The procedure is somewhat simple.  What our service requires is a Register style report saved in RTF format. To begin, select the first individual in the line you wish to show.   

Then, go to FILE/Print Reports, then Books - you will get this screen…..


Paf Screen Shot

When here, set up the screen as shown - remember to check the Print to File box.

Go to preview, and page through the preview pages on the screen. If the page is too small to read, click on "Zoom In". You can page through the report using "Next Page". Look for the last generation that shows no living people. This is where you cut your exported file off. Click on "Close" to return to the above screen. Enter the number of generations till living people begin to show up in the "Maximum Number of Generations to Print" box.

Then, click on "Print", and you will see a file selection box. Select the directory you wish to save the file to, then enter a file name. Click on "Save"

Once this is done, you may view the file in your Word processor (most modern word processors allow the viewing of RTF files). Then, send the file attached to an email to Genealogy Services, and the file will be posted for and linked to you as a submitter.

Sincerely yours,


Mahoning Valley Genealogical Services