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Using FTM V3.4+
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How to Create & Configure your Report to put on this web site.

(for Family Tree Maker for Windows, version 3.4) 

  • Step 1: - open FTM version 3.4 (lower versions do not have this Genealogy Report option).

  • Using your index, find and go to the ancestor furthest back that you want to start your report with.

  • Click 'View' then 'Genealogy Report'

  • The report appears, but, now you want to select what options you want to include.

  • Click 'Contents' then '# of Generations to Show' and choose a number that shows the generation born up to the 1920's.  You don't want to choose more than that because then you will end up including people who are still living. Not good - could really upset someone if you put their personal information on the Internet without their permission. [Now, due to some changes in the technology that I am doing the conversion of these files with, there are some changes from the original instructions which make the rest of the procedure much easier.]

  • Under Contents/Options, select "Do not include Source Information (Reason for this is it makes the file very long, and wastes server space.

  • You can pass this along to anyone who contacts you looking for more information....), and "Automatically find oldest ancestor." 

  • Now, just go to File/Export Genealogy Report/Save as type:, select Formatted Text (.rtf), enter a file name, then save. 

  • Attach the resultant .rtf file to an email, and forward it to Youngstown Genealogy Website.