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Robert Hurdle 1670
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Name and Location:

Peggy (Hurdle) Finney - California

Hobbies and Interests: Needlework, bike riding, genealogy

I have been researching my Hurdle line for about a year and a half. I have met a lot of wonderful "cousins" along the line and am pleased to say that I feel that we are truly a family.

Below is only some of the information that I have obtained over time. If there are any errors or if anyone has additions that should be included, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Hope you find a connection. If you do please let me know. Enjoy.

My Family line:

1. Robert Hurdle
b. abt. 1670
m. abt. 1700 in MD Mary ?

Thier children:

2. Robert Hurdle
b. abt. 1700
d. unknown
m. abt. 1720 Rachel Carter
b. 12/17/1702 (LDS)
Father: William Carter(EH)
Mother: Sarah ? (LDS)

Their children:

3. Robert Hurdle
b. abt. 1720 in Prince George's Co., MD
d. unknown
m. unknown

Their children:

4. Robert Hurdle
b. abt. 1759 in Montgomery Co., MD
d. 2/3/1840 in Montgomery Co., MD
m. abt. 1780 in PG Co., Md Sarah ?
m. 1/29/1809 in Mont., Md. Susanna Jane Riggs
Father: Thomas Riggs(EH)

Children of Robert & Sarah:

James Hurdle
b. 1774 in Washington DC
d. 1860 in Washington, DC (EH)
m. 12/19/1801 Mary Sedgwick

Their children:

b. 11/12/1804 in PG Co., MD
m. 4/17/1827 in Montgomery Co., James Henley

G. Washington
b. 12/17/1806 in PG Co., MD
d. 12/25/1869 in Tenleytown, DC
m. 1/11/1831 in DC Barbara Eleanor(JIG)Spinogle

Their children:

George William
b. 3/1834 in DC
d. 6/13/1912 in PG Co., MD
m. 12/14/1854 Sarah F. Collins

Their children:

Margaret C.
b. 1856 in DC
m. 9/1/1875 in DC Philip Huhn

George W.
b. 8/12/1857 in DC
d. 12/31/1924 in DC
m. 2/27/1879 in DC Ada Virginia Barnes

Emily Jane
b. 2/16/1860 in Tenleytown, DC
d. 7/24/1946 in PG Co., MD
m. 1/22/1881 in DC Charles Eugene Gray

Their children:

Albert Benjamin Gray
b. 12/21/1882
d. 7/5/1968
m/ 9/1/1907 in DC Rose Beatrice Miller

Charles Cleveland Gray
b. 8/14/1884
d. 3/19/1910 in DC

John Lujean Gray
b. 8/13/1886
d. 1/18/1962 in DC
m. 2/13/1914 in MD Margaret Ann Lindsey

Louis Washington Gray
b. 9/18/1889 in DC
d. 7/10/1970 in DC
m. Mary Elizabeth Robey

Archie Theodore Gray
b. 7/5/1893 in DC
d. 8/17/1958
m. Bessie Lee Henson

Guy Leroy Gray
b. 5/14/1895 in DC
d. 4/13/1966
m. Mattie Winnie (Curtin) Moore

William Linus Gray
b. 8/3/1899
d. 6/30/1988 in Texas
m. 7/21/1928 in DC Thelma Dameron
The above info re G. Washington, per JIG
Children of George William Hurdle & Sarah F. Collins con't;

4. James Richard Hurdle
b. 3/1862 in DC
d. 1/31/1952 in DC

5. Barbara Ann Hurdle
b. 5/1864 in DC
d. 1922
m. 12/27/1881 in DC Benjamin T. Hayes
m. Owen Franklin Gray

6. Charles H. Hurdle
b. 7/1866 in DC
m. 6/7/1888 in DC Josephine Richardson

7. Sarah V. Hurdle
b. 7/1869 in DC
m. 4/6/1896 in DC Joseph Dustin

8. Benjamin Durias Hurdle
b. 9/21/1871 in DC
d. 12/20/1892 in PG co., MD
m. possibly a Lillie L. Hicks (per Genserv)

Children of G.Washington & Barbara Spinogle con't;

Francis Sylvester Hurdle
b. 1/1836 in DC
d. 3/27/1893 in DC
m. never married

James Richard Hurdle
b. abt. 1838 in DC
d. 2/2/1882 in DC
m. Mary ? (EH)

Mary E. Hurdle
b. abt. 1841 in DC
m. 6/20/1864 in DC John W. Collins(church records)

Washington C. Hurdle
b. 3/1843 in DC
d. 8/15/1920 in DC
m.10/25/1875 Martha Lucas at St. Alban's in DC

Emily Ann Hurdle
b. 1845 in DC
d. 1/4/1866 in DC
m. William Lintner

Thomas T. Hurdle
b. 3/1847 in DC
d. 3/20/1912 in DC
m. 3/25/1859 in DC Garriet A. Collins (EH)
m. 1/22/1885 in DC Mary C. Payne

Their children;

Bernard James Hurdle
b. 1885
d. 1/15/1910 in MD
m. Minnie Schultz

Barbara Catherine Hurdle
b. 3/1886
m. 11/20/1905 in DC Eugene G. Lorenz

Annie M. Hurdle
b. 9/1888
m. 10/26/1908 in DC John H. Wendel

Children of G. Washington & Barbara con't;

Samuel R. Hurdle
b. 1848 in DC
d. 12/23/1885 in DC
m. Hannah Collins b. in VA

Their children:

Mary Gertrude Hurdle
b. abt. 1881 in DC

Bernard Hurdle
b. abt. 1886 in DC

Martha Virginia Hurdle (Jennie)
b. 6/1879 in Washington, DC
d.9/4/1933 in Washington, DC
m. Thomas Franklin Paxton - they resided in Tenleytown, DC

Their children:

Hester (who died as an infant)

Ida Cecelia b. 8/15/1899

Amelia Julia
b. 9/4/1901 (BQ's mother)
m. 12/31/1921 Nicholas Rousby Quesenberry - They only had 1 child, William O. Quesenberry b. 10/2/1922.

Mary b. 9/24/1903

Ruth b. 1905

Francis Selman b. 9/12/1907

Helen Louise b. 10/25/1916

Children of G. Washington Hurdle & Barbara con't;

John Henry Hurdle
b. 2/1850
d. 10/27/1914 in DC
m.8/9/1875 in DC Virginia Adams(Src: DC Mar. records)

Irene Cora Hurdle
b. 1854 in DC
m. 4/17/1879 in DC William F. King

Children of James Hurdle & Mary Sedgwick con't;

Emily Ann Hurdle
b. 3/9/1810 on PG Co., MD

Caroline Hurdle
b. 5/15/1810 in PG Co., MD
m. 12/20/1837 in DC George W. Parker

Horace Hurdle
b. abt. 1812 in MD
d. 3/27/1827 in MD

Forrest Hurdle
b. 11/18/1812 PG Co., MD(LDS-11/27/1813 in PG Parish, MD)
(Forrest & Horace may be twins or the same person)

Mary Ann Hurdle
b. 10/27/1813 in PG Co., MD

Robert Hurdle
b. 11/23/1820 in PG Co., MD
m.3/16/1842 in DC Susan Titus Payne
They had 4 children:

Rebecca Ann Hurdle
b. 5/7/1824 in PG Co., MD
m.1/6/1842 William Goodrick(Src: Congress Street Church records)

Children of Robert Hurdle & Sarah ? con't;

Noble Hurdle
b. 1782 in Georgetown, MD
d. 2/5/1874 in DC
m. 7/16/1803 Mary Gilpin

Their children;

James Hurdle
b. 1803 in Georgetown, MD
d. 4/15/1860 in Georgetown, MD
m. 11/19/1803 Mary Ann Reeder

Their children;

Frances E. Hurdle
b. 1830 in DC
d. 1/10/1884 in Georgetown, MD
m. abt. 1850 George Pritchett
m. Charles H. Demar

Children of Frances E. Hurdle & George Pritchett;

Mary Pritchett
b. abt. 1852 in DC
m. abt. 1870 William Selby

Child of Frances E. Hurdle & Charles H. Demar;

Joseph Eddy Demar
b. 1866 in DC

Mary A. Hurdle
b. abt. 1833 in MD
m. 12/22/1851 Joseph Collins
Child: Mary J. 1859 m. abt. 1880 J. Hadley Doyle

Washington Rideout Hurdle
b. 1834 in Georgetown, MD
d. 11/25/1874 in NOlands Station, MD
m. Florida Helen Knowles

Their children;

Nettie Lee Hurdle
b. 1853 ib MD
m. 2/9/1883 in MD Edward M. Carrick

Charles Washington Hurdle
b. 10/9/1864 in MD
m. abt. 1880 Florence Collis

Mary E. Hurdle
b. abt. 1858 in MD

Bertie Hurdle
b. abt. 1859 in MD

Wilhemina R. Hurdle
b. abt. 1860

James William "Wiiley" Hurdle
b. 3/6/1867 in MD
m. abt. 1885 in MD Mary Irene Kidwell

Mammie Hurdle
b. 11/1869 in MD

Jesse J. Hurdle
b. 12/5/1867 in MD
m. 4/22/1889 in MD Clara Jean Campbell

Rosa Hurdle
b. abt. 1875 in MD
m. abt. 1900 in DC Joseph Murray

Children of James Hurdle & Mary Reeder con't;

Sarah O. Hurdle
b. 1836 in MD
d. 5/29/1866 in MD
m. 5/19/1857 in DC George W. Blake

Their children:

Ella Blake
b.abt. 1858
m. James Cathall

Fannie Blake
b. abt. 1858\d.

Child Blake
b. 1861
d. 7/13/1861 in Georgetown, MD

Children of Noble & Mary Gilpin con't;

Unknown female
b. abt. 1810

Alfred Hurdle
b. 1813 in DC
d. 6/2/1895 in MD
m. 3/10/1835 in MD Margaret Brown

Their children:

Alfred Hurdle Jr.
b. 1837 in PA

Henry N. Hurdle
b. 1839 in PA

Edwin M. Hurdle
b. 1842 in DC
d. 9/21/1893 in MD
m. Clara Cecilia Freeman

Their children;

Edward Marcellus Hurdel (he changed spelling)
b. 2/14/1875 in MD
d. 6/21/1928 in MD
m. Eva Elizabeth Sqaunders

Daisie Rosamond Hurdle
b. 1877 in DC
m. ?? Wambaugh

Helen Hurdle
b. abt. 1880
m.abt. 1900 in MD James Dyson

Harry McDevitt Hurdle
b. 11/28/1882 in MD
d. 5/3/1918 in MD
m.7/17/1902 in MD Dora Mae Green

Herbert Hurdle
b. 7/1/1883 in MD
d. 7/1/1883

Margaret (Marge) Hurdle
b. 5/14/1885 in MD
m. abt. 1900 Julian Jameson

Allen Hurdle
b. 8/9/1887 in MD
d. 8/9/1887 in MD

Walter Hurdle
b. 6/19/1890 in MD
d. 6/19/1890 in MD

Children of Alfred Sr. & Margaret Brown con't;

Helen Hurdle
d. 1844 in DC
d. 1878-1882 in DC(Src: Death Vol. 2/1878-7/1882)

Children of Noble Hurdle & Mary Gilpin con't;.

Anna Louisa Hurdle
b. 1814 in Georgetown, MD
d. 5/22/1900 in Georgetown, MD
m. abt. 1835 in MD A.L. Wilson

John Ott Hurdle
b. 1818 in MD
d. 7/27/1856 in MD

Henry M. Hurdle
b. 1819 in MD
d. 9/27/186in MD
m. 3/22/1841 in DC Amanda M. F. Beatty

Their children;

S. Hurdle
b. 1841 in DC

Joephine Pearce Hurdle
b. 1844 in DC
m. 6/7/1869 in DC Carl Kleinschmidt

Their children;

Carl Klreinschmidt jr.
b. 1874 in MD
d. 10/20/1874 in MD

Herman Kleinschnidt
b. 1/1876 in MD
d.6/6/1876 in MD

Randolf Kleinschmidt
b. 7/10/1877 in MD
d. 9/26/1877 in MD

Julia Kleinschmidt
b. 12/28/1881 in MD
d. 12/31/1881 in MD

Children of Henry M. Hurdle & Amanda Beatty con't;

Amanda Beattie Hurdle
b. 1846 in DC
d. 3/7/1908 in MD
m. 12/12/1866 Tolbert Lanston

Thomas Jewell b. abt. 1848 (Src: church records) d. Ellen Maria Hurdle
b. 8/8/1850 in MD(Src: Church records)

Clara W. Hurdle
b. 1854 in MD
m. Could possibly have married Charles Demar as they are buried next to each other and the marker says "Clara W. Demar 69 yrs. 7/31/1922".

Children of Noble Hurdle & Mary Gilpin con't;

Martha E. Hurdle
b. 1828 in MD
d. 12/19/1873 in MD
m. 5/9/1842 in DC John T. Devaughn

Their children:

Amanda E. Devaughn
b. 1847 in VA
m. 10/5/1871 Geo. W. Watkins(Src: DC mar. records)

Addison M. Devaughn
b. 1850 in VA

Children of Noble Hurdle & Mary Gilpin con't;

Samuel V. Hurdle
b. 1829 in DC
m. 6/17/1850 in DC Grace M. Calvert

Their children:

Maria Hagan/Hogan Hurdle
b. 1848 in PA

Charles C. Hurdle
b. 1852 in DC
m. 11/29/1871 in DC Mardelena Parkhurst

Joseph F. Hurdle
b. 1854 in DC
m. Eula Saddlemire(Src: Gebserv)

Grace Hurdle
b. 1857 in DC

Samuel W. Hurdle
b. 1859 in DC
m. 8/15/1883 in MD Nevada Hutchinson Sierra

Bettie Hurdle
b. 1861 in DC

Children of Robert Hurdle & Sarah ? con't;

Ann Hurdle
b. 1791
d.3/20/1835 in Herkimer Co., NY(Src: Sup. Ct. Wash. Probvate)

Robert Hurdle
b. 10/20/1793 in MD
m. 8/28/1813 in MD Catherine Roberts
They had a son Edward Samuel b. 1826 in MD

Eleanore Hurdle
b. 1795
m.1/8/1842 in MD William B. Watkins

John Valentine Hurdle
b. 4/6/1799 PG Co., MD

Children of Robert Hurdle & Susanna Riggs con't;

Child Hurdle
b. 1810 in MD

Sarah W. Hurdle
b. 1812 in MD
m. abt. 1832 in MD James Smith

Child of Robert b. 1720 in PG Co. MD & ? con't;

4 Richard Hurdle

b. 1741 in MD
d. 1783 in MD
m. abt. 1765 in Frederick, MD Susanna Clark

Their children:

John N. Hurdle (My gggggrandfather)
b. 8/7/1767 in MD
d. 2/24/1846 in Ohio
m. abt. 1793 in MD Susannah Clark
b. 1771-1803
d. 8/31/1867 - Both bur: Prospect Meth. Church in Zanesville, Ohio

Their children:

Ann Hurdle
b. 12/28/1793 in MD
d. 3/9/1842 in Ohio -48 yrs 2 mo 12 da
Bur: Woodruff Cem., Muskingum, Oh
m. 3/6/1810 in Ohio Wesley Ellis (preacher) b. abt. 1785 d. bef. 9/20/1824-F. Michael Ellis Sr. - M. Elizabeth Murphy(info re Wesley per Carol Moser)

Their children:

Susanna Ellis
b. 12/9/1809 in Ohio
d. 9/29/1894 (Iowa per Carol Moser buried Havel Cem. Washington, IA - Pneumonia)
m. 1/21/1829 in Ohio John Walker (born 4/2/1806 in Stafford, Eng. d. 1/25/1883 in Iowa-per Carol)

Mary Ellis
b. aft. 10/1810
m. 8/13/1829 in Ohio John Doughty
b. 1803

John F. Ellis
b. 7/1812 in Ohio (bef. 7/1813 per Carol Moser)
d. bef. 1900
m. 5/29/1834 in Perry, Ohio Margaret Holcomb
m. 9/29/1842 in Ohio Mary Eupta (Repty) Lull

William Ellis
b. 1819 in Ohio
d. abt. 1875
m. 8/24/1843 in Ohio Ruth Ann Miles
m. abt. 1858 Mary Jane Davis

Mariah /Maria Ellis
b. 7/4/1820 in Ohio
d.3/16/1897 -bur: Farminton, Ill (CM)
m. 4/5/1838 in Ohio Joe Jones

Walter James Ellis
b. 1824 in Ohio
d. bef. 1900
m. 4/11/1848 in Ohio Sara C. Lull

**Ann married again 9/8/1835 Anthony H. Woodruff

Children of John N. Hurdle & Susannah Clark con't;

Rebecca Hurdle
b. 1795 in MD
d. bef. 1867
m. 3/27/1817 in Ohio John N. Powers

Catherine Hurdle
b. 1795-1810
d. 1867??

Richard Hurdle
b. 3/14/1799 in MD
d. 1/15/1859 in Hitley Twp., Ohio
m. 1825 in Ohio Mary Ann ?
b. 4/22/1851 possibly near Centerville, Oh

Their children:

William Hurdle
b. 1826
d. 1854
m. Mary S. ??

Elizabeth Hurdle
b. 1828 in MD
m 11/24/1859 William Defenbaugh (internet)

Daniel Hurdle
b. 1830 in MD
m. 8/15/1858 Johanna camp (internet)

Henry C. Hurdle
b. 1831 in MD
m. Edna Fonville (per genserv)

George Thomas Hurdle
b. 1832 in MD
m. Mary Ann Burton (per Genserv & his middle name is Thomas)

Martha Hurdle
b. 1834 in MD

Mary C. Hurdle
b. 1837 in Ohio

Richard Hurdle Jr.
b. 1841 in Ohio

Children of John N. Hurdle & Susannah Clark con't;

John N. Hurdle Jr.
b. 1801
d. 1854
m. 10/20/1829 9 MD Catherine Wallace

Their children;

John N. Hurdle III
b 2/24/1846.

Edward Hurdle
b. 1848-1849 (LDS)
d. 1934

Mary Hurdle
b. abt. 1830 (LDS)

Anna Hurdle
b. abt. 181832 (LDS)
m. Henry Kimbal

Marie Hurdle
b. abt. 1852

Susan Hurdle
b. abt. 1846 (LDS)
m. John Phillips

James Hurdle
b. abt. 1840 (LDS)
m. 10/25/1866 in Ogle Co., Il Elizabeth/Lizzie Beck(EH & Mar.Index DC 1763-1900

Children of John N. Hurdle & Susannah Clark con't;

The following information regarding John Westley Hurdle is from Carol Moser. It is believed by some researchers that John Westley Hurdle is actually the son of John Hurdle & Susannah. If this is the case, then where does John Hurdle and Catherine Wallace fit in?

John Wesley Hurdle
b. Presumably, abt. 1800 in Ohio
d. bef. 1850
m. 3/29/1821 in Ohio Frances "Fanny" Ellis
b. 1800 VA
d. bef. 1860?
Father: Michael Ellis Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Murphy

They had 5 children: Harrison; Thomas A.; John W; Minerva and Leroy.

I have not confirmed any of this with my research as of yet.

Children of John N. Hurdle & Susannah Clark con't;

William V. Hurdle
b. 2/26/1804 MD
d. 8/14/1863in Ill.
m. 2/27/1827 in Ohio Mary Kinney

Their children:

Frank Marion Hurdle
b. 1829 in Ill
d. 1894 Il
m. 4/29/1855 in Ill Liticia/Letitia Barr
b. 1835 in Breckenridge, Ky.
Father: Adam Barr, Jr
Mother: Hannah Beauchamp (LDS)-(Elmira Barr married to John N. Hurdle was Liticia's cousin)

Their children;

Olin V. Hurdle
b. 1856
m. 4/12/1886 Mollie Mahan

Their children:

Frank Mahan Hurdle
m. Mary Van Aken-they had Van Olen b. 1835 m. Gerda ?; Sylvia; and another Female

Marion Hurdle (lived to be 80 years old)
m. Margie MUllen(Ennis)

Althea Hurdle
b.1899 in Il (Ennis)
d.1903 (Ennis)

Charles Hurdle
b. 1889 in Ill (per LDS)
d.1906 (Ennis)

Leonard Hurdle
b. 1891 in Ill (per LDS)
d. ..

John Yale Hurdle
b. abt. 1893
d. 4/20/1955
m. abt. 1918 Elsie Nebel

Their only child;

Robert Hurdle
b. 1937
m. Patrivcia Ruth Doweidt
b. 10/23/1939
Their children:

Lynn Hurdle
b. 3/7/1964

Steven Yale Hurdle
b. 11/26/1966
m. in 1991 Susanne Lynn Anderson
(2 children-Justin Yale Hurdle b. 1/1/1993 and Courtney Hurdle b. 8/19/1995

Children of Frank Marion & Liticia Barr Hurdle con't;

Logan E. Hurdle
b. d. 1/10/1909
bur: La Harpe Cem.,

Children of William V. and Mary Kinney con't;

Silas Hurdle
b. 1830
d. 1840

John Nelson Hurdle
b. 2/15/1831 in Ohio
d. 10/26/1887 in Ill.
m. abt. 1855 in Ill. Mary M. Wolfe

Their children:

Laura Hurdle
b. 8/7/1855 in Ill
d. 11/23/1855 in Ill

Edgar Hurdle
b. 7/13/1856 in Ill
m. 12/31/1885 Marion Painter

Emma Hurdle
b. 8/18/1858 in Ill
m.? Goodan

** John Nelson Hurdle married again on 5/28/1861 in Ill Elmira Barr

Children of John N. Hurdle & Elmira Barr;

Lula Bell Hurdle
b. 3/19/1862 in Ill
m.6/17/1886 in Il Thomas W. Bath(Src: Statewide Mar. Index)

Sarah Olive Hurdle
b. 1863
m.Luther James

Maggie C. Hurdle
b. 10/2/1856
m.2/6/1889 in Il Cyrus D. Rice(Src: Statewide Mar. Index)

Clara/Carrie Hurdle
b. 6/14/1868

William Elias Hurdle
b. 1/21/1870
m. 9/16/1891 in Ill Bertha Alice Peasly(Src: Statewide Mar. Index)

Their children:

Leonor Peasly Hurdle
b. 6/20/1892 in Ill
m.Carl Hopkins

Midora/Dora Bertha Hurdle
b. 9/29/1893 in Ill
m.Ray Peasley??

John Hurdle III
b. 4/18/1895 in Ill.

Elmira Hurdle
b. 2/6/1899 in Ill

William Harold Hurdle
b. 5/26/1904 in Ill.

Children of John Nelson Hurdle & Elmira Barr con't;

Dora Hurdle
b. 2/24/1872 in Ill
m.Will Miller

Henry Albert Hurdle
b. 2/5/1876
m. 1/27/1908 Myrtle Hattie Reiselt

John Franklin/Frank Hurdle
b. 11/21/1877 in Ill
d. 1/1966 in Ill (per SSDI)
m. 1899 Ethyl Alta Ketchum (Src: Il Mar. Index)

Children of William V. Hurdle & Mary Kinney con't;

Susanne Hurdle
b. 1835
d. 1840

William H. Hurdle
b. 1836
d. 1840

Elizabeth Jermima Hurdle
b. 1840
d. 1928
m. Jacob S. King

Their children;

Lillian King b. 1859

John/Jacob King
b. 1860

Laura Leota King
b. 4/4/1862
m. James M. Dorsey
Children: Alma Aurelia; Blain Franklin; Stella May; Bruce Owen; Ada Viola; and Mary Luella.

Sherman King
b. 1865 in Ohio
m. 3/15/1890 Laura Walker

Ernest King
b. 1868 in Ohio

Olin King
b. 1870 in Ohio

Randall King
b. 1872 in Ohio

Mary King
b. 1876 in Ohio

Lettie/Lilly King
b. 1879 In Ohio

Francis King

Children of William V. Hurdle & Mary Kinney con't;

Thompson J. Hurdle
b. 1842
d. abt. 1915 in Colorado
m. 2/8/1871 in Ill Clara Hooper
Children: Monte and Blanche (per LDS Blanche was born in 1873 ) m. Edward Moore (per

Jasper Hurdle
b. 1845 in Ohio
d. 1936 probably in Clarinda, Iowa
m. abt. 1860 Lucia Phifer

Their children;

Bert Hurdle
b. 2/11/1874
d. 5/1965
m. Maude Lines
Children: Alvin; Arabelle; Hugh; Theodore; Eldon; and Josephine.

Lora/Laura Maude Hurdle
b. 3/28/1876
m. Charles Walter Casey
Children: Helen Arminta Cas; Wilbur Maurice; Maye; and Faye.

Edna Mable Hurdle
b. 11/2/1878
d. 11/23/1964
m. Albert Lowell Shrake
Children: Charles Raymond; Roy Carlton; Florence Louise; Merel Irene; Mary Mildred; Walter Hurdle Shrake; and Philip Newton.

Perry Hurdle
b. 9/13/1881
d. 2/1967 in Iowa
m. Mae Benson

Jessie (Lollie) Hurdle
m. James McCowan
Children: Vera; Keith; Lois; Marvin; and Kenneth

John Hurdle
m. Loma Nelson
Children: Mildred Hurdle b. 1918 m. abt. 1940 Edward Shoemaker

Pearl Hurdle
b. abt. 1890
m. Delbert Davidson
Child: Lila/Lela m. Carl peterson m. Ralph Astrella
Pearl then m. Arthur Houston Gilstrap-no children

Floyd Merrill Hurdle
b. 12/24/1897
d. 2/1976
m. Verla Alice Dunn
Children: Ona Darlene; Wendel; Floyd Jr; and Max. (

Children of William V. Hurdle & Mary Kinney con't;

Isaac Newton Hurdle
b. 5/5/1847
d. 3/26/1912 in Quincy, Ill
m. 12/29/1867 Henrietta Dolflemeyer

Their children:

Roy Vincent Hurdle
b. 1868
d. 1940
m. Emma Shutwell
Children: Orval N; Ennis C.;Glen F. and Sarah Opal.

Infant Hurdle
b. 9/1/1869
d. 5/20/1871

James Carl Hurdle
b. 6/30/1872
d. 5/21/1874

Harry C Hurdle
b. 8/21/1875
d. 6/30/1876 or 1878

Charles Ray Hurdle
b. 11/1876
d. 10/23/1915
m. ant. 1895 in Disco Georgia May Soule
Children: Greta Beatrice; George; Margie Ruth; Marie; Lolita Marie; Charles Ray Jr.; Karl Vincent and Chellis Soul.

InfanT Hurdle
b. 1880
d. 8/9/1881 in Ill

Clinton Edgar Hurdle
b. 7/26/1880
d. 4/29/1943 in Quincy, Ill
m. 4/23/1903 Mable Roverta Peck
Children: Geraldine Beatrice; Clinton Edgar Jr.; and Howard Christopher.

Mary Pearl
b. 2/13/1883
d. 4/9/1884

Oda Coral Hurdle
b 6/8/1885
d. 12/9/1895

Jetta Hurdle
b. 9/2/1890 in Disco
m. David Mathias
Children: Ward; Marian Lois; William; Mary Jane; Anna Belle; and David Jr.

Children of William V. Hurdle & Mary Kinney con't;

Caroline/Carrie M. Hurdle
b. 1848 in Ohio(LDS-1842 in Il)
m. 11/29/1866 Mac Guy Graham (Src: Statewide Mar.Index)
Children: William; Otto; John; Frank; Joseph; Baby; Wendal; Alvin; Margie; and Carol.

Children of John N. Hurdle & Susanna Clark

Leonard Hurdle (my great-great-great grandfather)
b. 8/28/1806 in MD
d. 9/17/1874 in Ohio
m. 10/24/1828 (10/23/1829 per LDS) in Ohio Mary Joseph

Their children:

Sarah Ann Hurdle
b. 11/2/1829 in Ohio
d. 8/5/1900 in Ohio
m. 11/27/1851 in Ohio John King
Children: Addranna/Adora Anna; Zara Convems; Harlan R.W.; twins who died in infancy; Fleetwood H; Mary B.; and Martha E. (all of the above re Sara Ann's children per history of Muskingum Co, Ohiopage 490)

John Q. Hurdle
b. 5/1832
d. 5/1841

Alvah Hurdle (my great-great grandfather)
b. 10/26/1832 in Ohio
d. 5/6/1888 in Ohio
m. Anna E. Thompson

Their children;

Josephine Hurdle
b. 1856 in Ohio (CM)
m. 12/22/1877 Milton Shirer
Children: S.A. Shirer b. 1878 in Ohio

John Q. Hurdle
b. 1858 in Ohio (CM)
d. aft. 1934

Emma Hurdle
b. 10/29/1860
d. 4/5/1864 in Ohio

Willey L.M. Hurdle
b. 7/31/1863
d. 8/25/1865

Armenice/Minnie Hurdle
b. 1866or 1867
m. 1/19/1888 Homer L. Hanks (per LDS)

Chalmer/Warren C. Hurdle (great-grandfather)
b. 3/26/1867 or 1869 in Ohio
d. 5/20/1934 in Marysville, Ohio
m. 6/10/1891 Lillie M. Lawyer

Their child:

Frank Hurdle
b. 9/18/1892 in Ohio
d. 10/10/1947 in Cambridge, Ohio
m. 12/7/1916 Kathryn Cecile Conway

Their children:

Frances Catherine Hurdle
b. May 15, 1917 in Ohio
d. living
m. Robert Daubney
Children: James; Carole; Norma and Robert

Robert Charles Hurdle
b. 7/19/1919 in Ohio
d. 6/1994 in Alabama
m. Orie ? - no children

Thomas Hurdle
b. 7/20/1920 in Ohio
d. 10/10/1889 in California
m. Charlotte Wycherley Mason Davis?
Child: Charleen Hurdle m. 12/14/1995 Edwrad John Graham

Elizabeth Marie Hurdle
b. 8/17/1922 in Ohio
d. 5/1/1997 in Orlando, Fla.
m. Frank Moulin - no children
m. Alfred Landerville
Child: Elizabeth Lynn
Elizabeth Marie m. Earl Greenwood
Child: Kathryn Cecile

Edward John Hurdle
b. 4/15/1926 in Ohio d. living
m. 9/1945 Ena Mae Rouns

Their children:

Peggy Ann Hurdle
b. 4/11/1947 in Ohio
d. living
m. 3/19/1965 Thomas G. Wright-no children
m. 3/3/1969 Walter Clayton Ludt
Child: Edward Welby Ludt b. 10/19/1971 (Presbyterian minister) m. in Clinton, Ontario, Canada 6/1/1996 Beatrice DeVries - One child Hope M.)
Peggy Ann m. 7/20/1991 in Las Veags, NV Clifford Shane Finney

Judith Marie Hurdle
b. 5/15/1948 in Ohio
d. living
m. 5/4/1968 in California Wade Martin Drouhard
Children: Lonnie Ray b. 10/17/1968 and Rebecca Ann b. 9/28/1971

Children of Leonard Hurdle & Mary Joseph con't;

Salina Hurdle
b. 1833
d. 1925
m. 6/3/1855 Nicholas Kinney
Child: Nicholas Jr.
She m. 12/1/1866 Isreal Kinney
Child: Chauncey E.

Minerva Jane Hurdle
b. aft. 10/1831
m. 4/28/1850 in Ohio Nicholas P. Bowers

Susan F. Hurdle
b. 1/23/1837
d 9/14/1903
m. 1880 William King

Cecilia J. Hurdle
b. 1836 in Ohio
m. William B. Thompson

Mary J. Hurdle
b. 1839
m. 4/12/1859 in Ohio Joseph F. Payne
Child: Laura L.

Piercy Hurdle
b. 6/1842 in Ohio
d. aft. 1900
m. abt. 1880 Alonzo North-no children

Children of Richard Hurdle & Susanna con't;

Ann Hurdle
b. 1769 in MD
d. 2/24/1843 in NY
m. abt. 1790 ?? Gary

William Hurdle
b. 1771 or 1772 in MD
m. in abt. 1800 in DC wife's name unknown

Leonard Hurdle
b. 1773 in MD
d. 7/1806
m. m. 12/31/1799 Anna M. (Marsh-LDS)Downs m. 5/24/1800 in MD Nancy Matly
John Hurdle b. 8/17/1801
m. 5/23/1818 in DC Margaret Greentree

Elizabeth Hurdle
b. 3/10/1803

Sarah Hurdle
b. abt. 1806 in MD

Anna Hurdle
b. abt. 1807 in MD

Thomas Hurdle
b. abt. 1805 in DC
d. 3/13/1895 in Fenwick, MD
m. 9/18/1834 in DC Christine Ann Rider (Src: Mar-EH)

Their children;

Andrew J, Hurdle
b. 2/1828 in DC
d. 9/11/1899 in PG Co., MD
m. 10/16/1849 Arabella V. Young
They 1 child A.A. (Andrew A.) b. 1850 in DC d. 6/24/1850 in DC
m. 7/27/1858 in DC Mary Ann Houck Ennis

Their children;

Emma S. Hurdle b. 1859 in DC
m. abt. 1880 J. Jolly Jones
They had a son J.J. Jr.

Maria (Pinkey) S. Hurdle
b. 1842 in DC
m. 12/13/1877 Morgan Sherwood
They had 2 children Walter M. and "Ann" Irene.

Charles H. Hurdle c. 1834 in DC d. m. 6/22/1860 in DC Theresa Evans m. 4/30/1864 in DC Isabella Garcia m. 9/22/1869 in DC Mary A. Mead William L. Hurdle b. 1837 in DC d. m. 6/2/1869 in DC Anna Humphreys (Src: DC Mar. Register) Thomas Theodore Hurdle b. 1838 in DC d. 6/26/1924 in DC m. 3/25/1859(issued) in DC Harriet Collins 2 children: George b. abt. 1860 d. 10/25/1952 in DC & Harry b. abt. 1861 in DC d. 12/22/1909 in DC Lavina E. Hurdle b. 1840 in DC d. m. 11/12/1861 in DC Josiah E. Bailey (Src: DC Mar Register) Maria M. Hurdle b. 1842 in DC d. m. 2/3/1866 in DC George L. Clarke m. 12/13/1877 Morgan Sherwood Joseph Eugene Hurdle b. 1844 in DC d. 10/31/1885 in DC m. Mary Elizabeth ? George Hurdle b. 1846 in DC d. Malcolm Hurdle b. 1851 in DC d. Ellen Hurdle b. 1854 in DC d. Mary Adalade Hurdle b. 1856 in DC d. 9/6/1904 in DC Children of Richard & Susanna Hurdle con't; Prescilla Hurdle
b. 1774
m. possibly Joseph Goodly

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Children of Robert Hurdle b. 1720 & ? con't;

4 Lawrence Hurdle
b.1758 in Georgetown, Md.
d. Dec. 1, 1848 in Alexandria, VA
bur: St. Mary's Catholic Cem, Alexandria, VA
m. 10/20/1792 in Georgetown, Md. Nancy Wheeler
b. 1779 in Georgetown
d. 12/13/1863 in Alexandria, VA
Par: Leonard & Martha ? Wheeler

Thei children;

Truman Hurdle
b. 1/6/1795 in PG Co., Md
c: 11/27/1813 in PG Parish, Md
d. 10/10/1837 in Alexandria, VA
m. 10/13/1813 in Knox', Tenn. (LDS) Sally Nelson
b. Montgomery Co., Md.

Levi Hurdle
b. 3/5/1801 in PG Co., Md
c. 11/27/1813 in PG Parish, Md
d. 12/26/1864 in Gardensville, VA (in war)
bur: St. Mary's Cem.
m. abt. 1820 in Alexandira, VA Lydia B. Jenkins
b. abt. 1800

Elizabeth Hurdle
b. 3/10/1803 in PG Co., Md

Ann E. Hurdle
b. 3/2/1807 in Alexandria, VA
d. 5/26/1880 in Alexandria, VA

Nancy Hurdle (Ann & Nancy could be the same person as Ann is a nickname for Nancy I have been told.)
b. 3/12/1807?? in PG Co., Md
c: 11/27/1813 PG Parish (LDS)

Thomas Tilghman Hurdle
b. 10/20/1810 in PG Co., Md.
c. 11/27/1813 in PG Parish, Md
d. 8/12/1861 in Alexandria, VA
m. 4/22/1839 in PG Co. Md Elizabeth D. Hilleary
b. abt. 1810

Serena (Raney) Hurdle
b. 2/12/1813 in PG Co., Md.
c: 11/27/1813 (Raney) PG Parish
d. 6/8/1834 in Georgetown, Md.
m. 4/22/1830 in Mont. Co., Md Thomas L. Monroe
b. abt. 1810
bur: St. Mary's Cem. Alexandria, VA

William Hanson Hurdle
b. 4/1815 in Alexandria, VA
d. bef. 1848

Lawrence Hurdle Jr.
b. 1817 in Alexandria, VA
d. 10/2/1838 in Alexandria, VA

Albion Hurdle
b.3/10/1819 in Georgetown (resided in VA)
d. 4/6/1861 in Alexandria, VA
m. 9/2/1847 in PG Co., Md Louise Jane Jenkins
par: Capt. Uriah Jenkins & ?
(I believe he is their son as he is married to Levi's sister-in-law and the discription of his father matches that of Lawrence, Sr.-Albion was an artist of merit) He was also a Sgt. during the Civil War (Confederate) Enlisted 4/17/1861

Lawrence Hurdle Sr., married a 2nd time abt. 1800 in PG Co., Md to Mary ? b. abt. 1765 (src; PG Parish records of Baptism, 74, Bap. of children lists Mary as mother)???