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Leonard Hurdle
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Leonard Hurdle (1806-1874)

Name and Location:

Peggy (Hurdle) Finney - California

Leonard Hurdle (my great-great-great grandfather)
b. 8/28/1806 in MD
d. 9/17/1874 in Ohio
m. 10/24/1828 (10/23/1829 per LDS) in Ohio Mary Joseph
b. 3/16/1803 in VA
d. 3/9/1887 in Muskingum, Oh

Their children:

Sarah Ann Hurdle
b. 11/2/1829 in Ohio
d. 8/5/1900 in Ohio
m. 11/27/1851 in Ohio John King
b. 11/22/1829 in PA
Father: Patrick King b. 1789 -1873
Mother: Mariah b. 1805 in PA d. 2/13/1992 at 90

Their Children:

Addranna/Adora Anna King
b. 10/29/1853
d. 2/24/1854 in Madison Twp., Musk. Co., Oh

Zara Convems King
b. 10/1856
d. 9/11/1877 in Muskingum, Oh

Harlan R.W King
b. 5/1/1857
d. 1/1/1860 in Musk., Oh

twins who died in infancy

Fleetwood H King
b. 1861 in Musk., Oh
m. ?? - they had 3 children(per History of Muskingum Co., page 490) He was Deputy Recorder of Muskingum Co.

Mary B. King
b. 1870
d. bef. 1900
m. ? Thomas - resided in Harrison County, Oh.

Martha E. King
b. 7/1871 in Oh
d. bef. 1900 in Muskingum, Oh
(all of the above re Sara Ann's children per history of Muskingum Co, Ohio page 490) Mary & Martha are buried together with one marker in Prospect Cem. in Muskingum, Oh.

Children of Leonard & Mary Joseph con't;

John Q. Hurdle
b. 5/1832
d. 5/1841

Alvah Hurdle (my great-great grandfather)
b. 10/26/1832 in Ohio
d. 5/6/1888 in Ohio
m. Anna E. Thompson
b. 1834
d. 9/1899 in La Harpe, Ill

Their children;

Josephine Hurdle
b. 1856 in Ohio
m. M. Shirer
One Child: S.A. Shirer b. 1878 in Ohio

John Q. Hurdle
b. 1858 in Ohio
d. aft. 1934

Emma Hurdle
b. 10/29/1860
d. 4/5/1864 in Ohio

Willey L.M. Hurdle
b. 7/31/1863
d. 8/25/1865

Armenice/Minnie Hurdle
b. 1866or 1867
m. 1/19/1888 Homer L. Hanks (per LDS)

Chalmer/Warren C. Hurdle (great-grandfather)
b. 3/26/1867 or 1869 in Ohio
d. 5/20/1934 in Marysville, Ohio
m. 6/10/1891 Lillie M. Lawyer

Their child:

Frank Hurdle
b. 9/18/1892 in Ohio
d. 10/10/1947 in Cambridge, Ohio
m. 12/7/1916 Kathryn Cecile Conway

Their children:

Frances Catherine Hurdle
b. May 15, 1917 in Ohio
d. living
m. Robert Daubney
Children: James; Carole; Norma and Robert

Robert Charles Hurdle
b. 7/19/1919 in Ohio
d. 6/1994 in Alabama
m. Orie ? - no children

Thomas Hurdle
b. 7/20/1920 in Ohio
d. 10/10/1889 in California
m. Charlotte Wycherley Mason Davis?
Child: Charleen Hurdle m. 12/14/1995 Edwrad John Graham

Elizabeth Marie Hurdle
b. 8/17/1922 in Ohio
d. 5/1/1997 in Orlando, Fla.
m. Frank Moulin - no children
m. Alfred Landerville
Child: Elizabeth Lynn
Elizabeth Marie m. Earl Greenwood
Child: Kathryn Cecile

Edward John Hurdle
b. 4/15/1926 in Ohiod. living
m. 9/1945 Ena Mae Rouns

Their children:

Peggy Ann Hurdle
b. 4/11/1947 in Ohio
d. living
m. 3/19/1965 Thomas G. Wright-no children
m. 3/3/1969 Walter Clayton Ludt

Child of Peggy Ann & Walter Ludt:

Edward Welby Ludt
b. 10/19/1971 (Presbyterian minister)
d. living
m. 6/1/1996 in Clinton, Ontario, Canada Beatrice DeVries
b. 4/12/1973
d. living
Father: Johann DeVries
Mother: Tina

Peggy Ann m. 7/20/1991 in Las Veags, NV Clifford Shane Finney
b. 12/18/1942
d. living

Judith Marie Hurdle
b. 5/15/1948 in Ohio
d. living
m. 5/4/1968 in California Wade Martin Drouhard

Their children:

Lonnie Ray Drouhard
b. 10/17/1968-San Diego, CA
d. living

Rebecca Ann Drouhard
b. 9/28/1971 in Youngstown, Oh

Children of Leonard Hurdle & Mary Joseph con't;

Salina Hurdle
b. 1833
d. 1925
m. 6/3/1855 Nicholas Kinney
Child: Nicholas Jr.
m. 12/1/1866 Isreal Kinney
Child: Chauncey E.

Minerva Jane Hurdle
b. aft. 10/1831
m. 4/28/1850 in Ohio Nicholas P. Bowers

Susan F. Hurdle
b. 1/23/1837
d 9/14/1903
m. 1880 William King

Cecilia J. Hurdle
b. 1836 in Ohio
m. William B. Thompson

Mary J. Hurdle
b. 1839
m. 4/12/1859 in Ohio Joseph F. Payne
Child: Laura L.

Piercy Hurdle
b. 6/1842 in Ohio
d. aft. 1900
m. abt. 1880 Alonzo North-no children