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Matthias Moyer
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The Matthias Moyer Family History

This family history was submitted by Bob Moyer.  He has additional information.  You may also be interested in pictures he has uploaded to the Ohio GenWeb Project for Mahoning County, Ohio:

Email address for Bob Moyer:

Note:  Bob Moyer has included here only those parts of the Matthias Moyer family that lived in Ohio. (Trumbull County; Mahoning County on and after 1846)  Some moved to other locations and are not included.  Bob Moyer has a lot more information about other relatives living in Illinois and Missouri. The family tree now has 640 names on it.  Many are still living.  (For measures of privacy, they are not included here.) 

First Generation 

    Matthias Moyer was born in Germany in 1783.  It is not known where he came from in Germany or when and at what age he came to the America.  In all likelihood Matthias name was Mayer, Meyer or Meier before he came to America.  Matthias probably came from a small village due to the fact he was a farmer. 

   Matthias married  Lydia Donat of Albany Township, Berks County Pa.  Lydia was born on August 18, 1798 on the 1765 Donat Plantation   Her father was Johannes Martin Donat and her mother was Anna Marie Nungesser. She was baptized on September 30, 1798 in the New Bethel Church, Berks County.

    It is estimated Matthias married Lydia about 1831. It is estimated that, after marriage, they lived in the Donat plantation in Lynn Township, Lehigh County.  One source has their daughter Susana as being born in Pittsburgh, although this has not been confirmed.
    It is not known exactly where they lived in Pennsylvania after they married,  but they had 3 children born there before moving to Ohio.   They had a total of 5 children.  They were Daniel (1832 Pa), Samuel (1833 Pa), Susana (18 June 1836 Pa), William (1838 Oh) and Mary (1844 Oh). 
    Lydia’s grandfather Johannes Jacob Donat arrived in the United States on October 10, 1752 on the ship Forest.  He was born about 1730 in Alten Seebach Germany, son of Johann Henrich Donat and Barbara Catharinea Seibel.
    It is not known when Matthias and Lydia moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio and from the birth dates of their children listed on census records, it is estimated they moved in 1836-37 time frame.  They appear in the census in Bazetta township, Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1850 and 1860.  They lived on the north east corner of Bazetta Township of Trumbull County.  This land  consisting of 43 acres was purchased from Asael Adams by Aaron Donat, Lydia's half brother, on March 18, 1845 for $300.00.   In the 1850 census, Matthia’s personal assets were listed as $344.00.  His assets listed in the 1860 census were $860.00 real estate and $200.00 personal.  In both the 1850 and 1860 census, his occupation was listed as a farmer.  In 1850, there was a Jim Miller living with the family. He was 26 years old and his occupation was a laborer.  It is not known the relationship of this person to the Moyer family. 
    Lydia’s brother Martin lived close to her by residing in Newton Township, Trumbull County about 1830.  The land was 38 acres, Range 5 Township 5.  There is a deed recorded there dated June 8, 1838.    In 1846, Martin sold his land in Newton and moved his family to Richland County Ohio. The 1840 census lists his name as Donad. It is not known if he changed it or the census taker made a mistake. 
    Matthias died on February 21, 1865 in Boardman Township, Mahoning County.  After Matthias’s death, Lydia moved in with her son Samuel.   Lydia died on August 23, 1880.  Both Lydia and Matthias are buried in Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown Oh.  The Youngstown Vindicator, dated August 27, 1880, reported Lydia’s death and indicated she died from dropsey.
    The inscription on Lydia’s grave marker reads:

“Shed not for me the bitter tear
Seek each feeling of regret
Tis but the casket molders here
The gem that filled it sparkles yet”

    The life of Lydia and Matthias, as farmers, can be pictured by looking at the last will and testament of Lydia’s father Johannes Martin Donat.   Musical instruments, razor, mirror, spinning wheel, beds, crocks, forks/knives/spoons, coffee pots, cooking pot, lantern, baking basket, clay pots, wood bucket, bread box, curing tubs, butter churn, butcher rack and saw.  Foods that were eaten or cooked with were sauerkraut, meat, dried apples, butter, lard, potatoes, bread and salt.  Transportation was by horse drawn carts and wagons during that time. 
    Lydia's father’s will did not provide much for her and her brother Martin.  He gave Martin only $22.00 as his full share of his estate.  Mr. Lou Donat, a descendent of Johannes Jacob Donat,  told me that when Martin was living at home he and his father had an argument at dinner one evening that was so heated he left the house with his family and never saw his father again.  Lydia’s father left her the interest of the sum of $500.00 to be paid to her annually and the principal sum to be distributed to her children upon her death.  Martin and Lydia’s mother was Johannes Jacob’s first wife. He provided more for the children of his second wife as the will reads.

Second Generation

Samuel Moyer

    Samuel Moyer born in August of 1833 in Pennsylvania.  He married Leah Simon on July 15, 1860.  They were married in the Bethlehem German Lutheran and Reformed Church, also known as the Simon Church. The “Old Pleasant Grove” (PG) section of Lake Park Cemetery was the original church site and burying ground for the church.  Rev. Gottlieb Kranz married the couple.
    Samuel purchased 43 acres in Bazetta Township from Aaron and Mary Magdalena Donat (Lydia’s Aunt and Uncle) on October 17, 1865.  This is the same year that Matthias died. It is assumed he used his inheritance to purchase this land. Two years later, on April 13, 1867 Samuel and Leah sold the same land to Simon Reel.  Simon Real was a neighbor to Matthias who lived on this property.
    Samuel purchased 75 acres of land from Henry Dustman in 1874. The property is located on South Ave just north of Mathews Road.  Henry Dustman was Samuel’s brother-in-law who married Leah Simon’s sister Anna Simon. This land was located at Range 2 Township 1 Section 21.  Later he purchased adjacent land making his farm 89 acres.  In addition, he and his wife inherited 124 acres of land from Leah’s father George Simon.
    Like his father, Samuel was a farmer and built a house and barn which is still standing in the year 2000.  The property tax listed the property located at 5718 South Ave as being built in 1851.  If this is so, then then house was constructed prior to ownership by Samuel.  Due to the fact that two of his sons, Charles and George, started a dairy business, he may have been a dairy farmer.  In recognition of the family, a road was dedicated on the property and named Moyer.  The road runs between the house and the barn and is 3 blocks in length.  Many homes have been built on this land along Moyer Ave.
    Leah Simon was born in 20 Aug.1841 in Boardman Township Trumbull county. (Note that Mahoning County was formed in 1846 by taking land from Trumbull and Columbiana Counties and at the time of Leah’s birth the area was in Trumbull County.)  Her parents were George Simon and Anna Elizabeth Wormley.  Her third grandfather grandfather Johann Adam Simon was born in 1716 and immigrated to the States from Germany or Switzerland.
    Leah and Samuel had a large family.  The children were William Henry (b 1861), Warren A. (b 1862), Hattie (b 1865),  Mary (b 1867), Anna (b 1871), Laura A.(b 6 May 1873),  George Simon (b 6 May 1875), Charles A. (b 27 March 1881), and Amy C. (b about 1883).  All of the children were born in Boardman Township, Mahoning County. 
    Leah died before Samuel on 2 April 1902. When Samuel died on 7 December 1908 in Salem Multnomah County Oregon, he willed his entire estate to his remaining eight children or grandchildren. His real estate was valued at $5400.00 .  Leah is buried in Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown. (See photo section).  Samuel death certificate indicated at the time of death he lived on Saginaw street in the city of Salem Oregon.  He was attended to by a Dr. E.E. Fish for a period of one month and who indicated he died from exhaustion due to arterial sclerosis and senility.
There is a place for Samuel to be buried beside Leah, and room for his name on the tombstone, but the head stone does not have any inscription. It is not known where Samuel is buried. It is said his body was brought back to Ohio, but his actual burial location has not been found.

Third Generation 

Children of Samuel Moyer and Leah Simon Moyer

William Henry Moyer

    William was born in 1861 in Boardman Township and died in 1928 and is buried in Lake Park Cemetery. He married Catherine Williams about 1886.  Catherine was born in 1867 and died in 1951. 
    They had five children. They were Anna Elizabeth R. (b 1884), (d 1928), Gertrude E.(b 1888), Mary Leah (b 1893) , Samuel Paul (b 1896) , and Grace (b 1901 in Sharon, Pa).
    An interesting item concerning William’s inheritance.  Samuel gave one eighth of his property to William’s children and not to William directly as he did with his other children.  It is not known why.

Warren A. Moyer

    Warren was born in 1862.  He never married. He was a bachelor and, in 1900, was boarding in a home owned by Katharine Dustman.  She was the widow of Joseph Dustman. This is a member of the family that sold property to Samuel.
    Warren became owner and lived in the farm house of the property willed to Samuel and Leah by Leah’s father, George Simon.
    Warren was an eccentric person. He lived mostly in one room, the kitchen, and  the rest of his 10 room house was a mass of antiques. Spinning wheels, crocks, a suit of armor, swords, etc. were accumulated by him.  Stuff was everywhere. 
    He raised horses on his farm and the barn contained a huge cider press that he used when the apple crop came in. He was famous for his cider and according to gossip, this was due to the fact he never cleaned the cider press out after a session of apple pressing.  The barn was very smelly.  I remember visiting him from time to time and you could smell his barn way before you reached the door. 
    He was a hunter. He and his brothers would go on many hunting excursions.  The excursions would be to Cooks Forest in Penn. He had many deer heads and one bear head mounted and displayed in the living area of the home.   He died about 1945.

Hattie Moyer

    Hattie was born in 1865. She never married and lived at home. She died in 1895 and is buried in Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown.

Mary Moyer

    Mary was born in 1867.  She married Gustav Cook 24 Nov. 1892. She died before 1900. She had 2 children Roy (b June 1894) and Melvin (b?). The two boys shared their mother,s inheritance and are listed as owners of the property adjacent to Charles land.  There is a Cook Avenue, dedicated to the family, that parallels the Moyer road.

Anna Moyer

    Anna was born in 1871. She married George H. Stocker on 3 Jan. 1892 in Boardman. No information about her children, if any, has been found.

George Simon Moyer

    George was born 6 May 1875.  He married  Daisy Mabel Knox.  Daisy was born 14 Sept. 1877 in Youngstown, Ohio.  Her parents were John Emery Knox and Amanda Kyle.  Daisy had a stroke and  died on 10 November 1934 and George died 3 Feb 1948.  Both are buried in Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier, California.
    They had three children, Floyd Perium( b 9 Nov. 1897),  J. (b 12 Feb. 1900), and Glenn Wilbur (b 6 Nov.  1902). George and his family initially lived in a house that was on the 16 acres he received as his part of his father’s estate.  George moved his family to Pasadena, California about 1905.  He moved to California because he was concerned about the effect of the cold weather on Orman’s asthma condition. He built several homes for his family in the city. He moved his family to Salem, Or. for about one year. This move was in conjunction with Samuel, Charles and some of Charles children, also traveling to Oregon.
    During the stay in Oregon, he was constructing a house and was driving a supply wagon with his family on board.  The wagon tipped and Floyd jumped off. Daisy, George and the other two boys were not so lucky and the wagon over turned on them.  A stack of windows on the wagon saved everyone but George from serious injury.  George was hurt and had a long convalescent period. He returned his family back to California ending up in Chino.  In Chino, the family started a dairy farm which sold milk and butter to a local community. After a short time, they sold the business and then moved back to Pasadena.  During some period, George and his wife Daisy separated.  George returned to Ohio for a short time.  He returned to California but never reconciled with his wife. He remarried in the 1940’s and moved to Mariposa, Calif.
    George also was an accomplished musician. He played a trombone.  He played in a band that marched in several Rose Bowl Parades.   He also was an avid fisherman. 

Charles A. Moyer

    Charles was born on 27 March 1881 in Poland Township, Mahoning County.  He was baptized on July 24, 1881 in the Bethlehem Church by Rev. E.J. Meissner. Leah and Samuel witnessed the ceremony. Charles was confirmed on April 5, 1896 in the Trinity Lutheran Church by Pastor William M. Kibler.  He married Nellie May Collins on 2 June 1903. The marriage was in the Trinity English Lutheran Church in Youngstown, by Pastor George A. Harter performing. The marriage was witnessed by Mr. and Mrs. William Clark.  Nellie was confirmed at the same church on October 4, 1903 by Pastor Harter.    Nellie was born on 31 May 1885 in Poland, Ohio.  Her father, Thomas F. Collins,  was Mayor of Poland from 1905 to 1920. Tom was a blacksmith with his shop located next to the house he lived in. 
    Charles learned to speak English in the first grade. German was the language used by Samuel and Leah at home and he spoke only this language in his preschool days.
    After they married, Charles and Nellie lived in the house that Samuel built on the Moyer homestead.  Charles was called Papa by his offspring and his grandchildren.
    The following children born to Charles and Nellie were,  Lotta L.(b 26 July 1905),  Harold A. (b 21 Feb 1907), Anna May (b 16 Apr 1911), Carl Robert  (b 6 Aug 1916), Thomas E. (b 30 August 1914), Betty Jane (b 3 Aug 1918),  and John A. (b 28 Feb 1922). 
    Charles was first a dairy farmer using the barn that fell to his ownership after his father Samuel died.  He became the owner of 22 acres of his father, Samuel’s original farm.
    About 1928, the barn had the second story converted to a dance hall and square dances were held on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.  It was called the “Old Barn” dance hall. It is still standing in 1999 although it has been converted to a business.   During the dancing, the cows could be heard bellowing in the stables below.  Later, about 1930, this area was converted from a stable to a lunch and beer serving area.  Entrance to the first floor eating area was free but a fee was charged if you wanted to go upstairs to dance. Nellie Moyer sat in a screened in booth and you had to pass her station and pay your fee before she would allow you to go up the stairs to the dance hall.  Ruth and Betty, the two youngest girls,  would scour the parking lot, the morning after the dance to look for loose change. They would find some very odd things, even found a pair of false teeth once. 
    After the cows were sold, Charles became a paper hanger and painter.  This was during the depression era and times were difficult. 
    During the early 1900 many of the Moyers traveled to Salem, Oregon. The purpose of this travel was that Charles and others found work in a casket factory. It is not known how this activity was initiated, however, Samuel died there and the rest of the family returned shortly thereafter.  Samuel’s will lists his children, George Simon and Amy C. Moyer, as living in Salem, Oregon in 1909. 
    The Moyer property, located on South Avenue owned by Charles and Nellie, was lost due to non payment of financial obligations. 
    Nellie May inherited her family home in Poland.  Her only other sibling George had died earlier.  The house still stands as of 1999.
    The family moved to the Poland location about 1938.  The house built about 1850 is still standing and in 2000 was used as an dentist office. There house is an offical historical home in Poland know as the Gover-Collins House. Charles was a tall man, standing over 6 foot in height. Because of this, the bath tub in this house was specially built and was over 6 foot in length so he could relax during his bath.  The family enjoyed the house in Poland.  Charles built a large fire place in the back yard and would cook corn in large metal wash tubs and host family corn roasts during the summer months.  They had a large vegetable garden and always had good food to eat. One of his favorites was green tomato pie. He had one rule for dinner. Nobody ate at the table until he was present. 
    Charles and his brothers were avid hunters.  The hunting trips frequently took them to Cook’s Forest in Penn.  Gustav Cook had married Charles sister Mary and was instrumental in planning the hunting trip.
    Charles was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and spent his last years in a TB Sanatorium.  He died  May of 1945.  Nellie died in 13 August of 1955.  Both are buried in Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown.

Amy C. Moyer

Nothing is known about Amy C. Moyer

Fourth Generation 

Children of William Henry Moyer and Catherine Williams

Anna Elizabeth R. Moyer

    Elizabeth was born in 1887 and died in 1958 in Boardman Township. She married twice. First husband was Jefferson Heaver(m 27 June 1958)  and the second Arthur Ross (m 12 Dec 1942).  Anna and Jefferson Heaver set up house keeping on Indianola Road at the Webber farm in the early 1900’s. The farm was self sufficient and consisted of a T shaped barn, sugar house, a smoke house for curing meats, an ice house for storing winter ice from the pond near by, a sheep barn, 2 chicken coops and a large corn crib. 

Gertrude E. Moyer

    Gertrude was born in 1889 and died in 1914. She married George Abraham Emch.

Mary Leah Moyer

    Mary went by the name of Leah. This follows the tradition of giving a child a biblical name and a second name that was used to identify the person.  She was born in 1893 in Sutton’s Bay Mi. She died in 1976 in Kansas City Mo.   Leah was a gifted musician. She graduated from Oberlin and Carnegie Tech with a Masters Degree in Music.  She taught in high school and also at Youngstown College. She married twice.  First to Winfield MacDonald (d 1930) in 1925 then to James McIlroy. 

Samuel Paul Moyer

    Samuel went by the name of Paul.  He was born in 1896.  He married Mildred Williams.  He served in the US Navy aboard the USS Arkansas during WW-I.  Graduated from OSU in 1923 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Was employed for a short time at Youngstown Sheet & Tube.  Was employed from 1929 to 1969 by the Armco Steel Corp. in Middletown, OH.
Grace Moyer

    Grace was born in  17 Dec. 1901 in Sharon, Pa.  She married Paul Luce in June of 1928.  Paul was a professor at Youngstown State University. She died on June 22, 1999 at the age of 97 in Williamsville, N.Y.  She was a graduate of Wooster College in 1925 and taught school in Struthers and Youngstown.

Children of Hattie Moyer

    Hattie never married and died at home.

Children of  Mary Moyer

    Mary was born in 1867.  She married Gustav Cook 24 Nov. 1892. She died before 1900. She had 2 children, Roy (b June 1894) and Melvin( b?).

Children of Charles A. Moyer and Nellie Mae Collins

Lotta L. Moyer

    Lotta (called Lottie) was born 26 July 1905. She married Wilbur Bernard.  The couple moved to Illinois about 1938.  The had 3 children. Rosemary, Donald and Richard.  Lottie was an accomplished musician playing a piano and  harp. Before marriage, she solo debuted at the Carnegie Music Hall in New York.  She also played duets with Harpo Marx of the famous Marx Brothers.
    While in New York, she also had her own radio show and later did the same in Chicago.  She also taught music to many of the people of Boardman.  After marriage, she often played for her church,  weddings and funerals.  Wilbur worked on the railroad.  Lottie died on 12 May 1971 in Illinois. 

Harold A. Moyer

    Harold was born on 21 Feb 1907.  He married Rita Collins on April 22, 1935. Rita was born in 1906 near London, England.   Rita’s father was a steward on an ocean liner who moved his family to America when his sons had gone as far as they could in school in England.
    Harold was an accomplished musician playing the saxophone, clarinet and flute. He sold the flute shortly after Diane was born to purchase a washing machine.  Before he married, he played professionally with the nationally known Paul Whiteman band. 
    Rita was also a professional musician. She played piano in a local music store demonstrating sheet music. She was in a contest in the Miss Youngstown part of the Miss America Pageant.
    Harold worked for the Astatic Corporation in Youngstown, Ohio moving with the firm to Conneaut, Ohio about 1944.  During their stay in Conneaut, the family had many picnics at Conneaut Township park with the other Moyers that lived in the city.  
    Harold left the Astatic Corporation around 1952 to become a partner with Lou Schottenburg of HiFi and Stereo Equipment Company as a manufacture’s representative and moved his family to Barrington, New Jersey.  One of the major clients of the firm was the Sony, Company which was just entering the American marketplace.
    He was an accomplished wood worker. He learned this working trade from his father.  He made many pieces of furniture in his home work shop. He gave many items away, in particular, to his siblings.    Also, he loved to golf and gardening.
    Both Harold and Rita were active in the Haddonfield United Methodist Church. Harold attended men’s bible study and was an usher at the Sunday Services.  Rita taught Sunday School at the Church. 
    Harold was a member of the Masonic Lodge, attaining the highest degree, and was a member of the Shriners Crescent Temple. And, yes, he did wear a “Fez” at meetings and functions. 
    He and Rita resided in Barrington until their death.  Harold died in June of 1970 and Rita died in Feb. 1978.

Anna May Moyer

    Anna May was born 16 Apr 1911.  She had a severe spinal condition and was never in good health. She died in 1927 and is buried in Lake Park Cemetery.

Carl Robert Moyer

    Carl was born 6 Aug. 1916.  He lived only six months.  He was baptized on Feb 2, 1917 Evangelical Lutheran Church by Pastor A Boehme  He is buried in the same grave as Anna May in Lake Park Cemetery    

Thomas E. Moyer

    Thomas was born on 30 Aug 1914.  He was baptized on 2 Feb. 1917 at the Pleasant Grove Lutheran Church by A. Boehme Pastor which was the same day as his brother Carl Robert Moyer.  Tom married Vesta A. Sahli on 6 Apr. 1932 in New Cumberland, W. VA. The couple was married by W.T. McKee. Laverne and Carl Dunning witnessed the wedding.  Laverne was a childhood friend of Vesta’s.
    The couple moved in with Tom's family, Charles and Nellie, for a short time. During this, time Tom and his father built a small house in 1935 on the Moyer homestead.  This house, referred to as the “shanty” by the Moyer clan, was used for about 4 years. It was a tar papered building that had 864 square feet of living space on the first floor. There was no basement. 
    After that time, the couple moved to Warren Ave. in Youngstown, to Diehl Lake, in  Mahoning Township, then to Hollywood Ave. in Youngstown.
    Initially, Tom assisted his father Charles in the painting and papering trade.  Tom then went to work for the Astatic Corp. He and his family  moved to Conneaut, Ohio, when the company moved there about 1944.
    About 1956, Tom left the Astatic Corp. taking a job with the Franklin Dales Company in Akron, Ohio.  His family moved to Akron at this time. The Dales Company moved to Florida and Tom moved to Vero Beach, Fla. with the company about 1958.
    Tom was an accomplished musician, playing the trumpet.  He and his brothers, Harold and John played many times at the “Old Barn” dance hall run by their father.  He, also, was a amateur radio operator.  At one time he had a small business repairing electronic equipment and selling hearing aids.
In his later years, he was an avid photographer and had taken many photos possessed by the family.
    Upon his retirement in 1974, the couple moved to Hendersonville, N.C.  Tom died in 1979 and is buried in Hendersonville.
    In her later years, Vesta became a budding artist. Her father, Lorenz Sahli, painted and chalked many pictures and she probably got her talent from him.  Vesta was very active in the Methodist Church, teaching Sunday School where ever she was located.  She lived in 18 different homes during her married life.
    After Tom’s death, Vesta moved from Hendersonville to Gathersburg, Md., then to Medina, Ohio and finally to Sebring, Ohio. She died on April 24, 1999 and is buried in Lake Park Cemetery. 

Betty Jane Moyer

    Betty was born on 3 Aug 1918 in Boardman, Oh.  She married Kenneth Ellis (Windy) on 17 Apr. 1938.  He was born in 6 April, 1916 in Coitsville, Oh. She died November 10, 2000 and is buried in Lake Park Cemetery, Youngstown Ohio.
    Windy and his brother were well know square dance callers and they performed this activity at the “Old Barn” dance hall owned by Betty’s father, Charles. This is where Betty met Windy, for the first time.   He served in the armed forces during WWII.  Windy died on 13 Nov. 1984 and is buried in Lake Park Cemetery. 

John A. Moyer

    John was born on 28 Feb, 1922.  He married Lucille Malena about 1951.  They had one child, Robin Lynn, who was born in December 19, 1961. 
    John was an accomplished musician.  He played the trumpet and performed at the “Old Barn” dance hall with his brothers, Harold and Tom.  While in Conneaut, he organized a band that played at local establishments.
    He was a WWII veteran and served in the Asian theater of operations. Upon leaving the army, he went to work for the Astatic Corp. in Conneaut, Ohio with his two brothers.  At one time, there were five Moyers working for the Astatic.  They were John, Harold, Tom, Vesta and Bob. Before marriage, he lived with his brothers, Harold and then Tom, for a short time.
    During the Astatic company picnics, all three brothers would play music for the attendees and they were quite a hit with the crowd. 
    John died in Feb 1,  of 1998 in West Hartford, Conn.  He is buried in the cemetery in Poland, Oh