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Robert Hurdle 1759
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Robert Hurdle (1759-1840)

Name and Location:

Peggy (Hurdle) Finney - California

Robert Hurdle
b. 1759 in Montgomery Co., MD
d. 2/3/1840 in Montgomery Co., MD
m. abt. 1780 in PG Co., MD Sarah ? *
m. 1/29/1809 in MD Susanna Jane Riggs
*I have a print out indicating that Robert served in the 6th Maryland line from 6/8 or 9/1777 - 3/13/1778 when he was discharged by the Govenor of MD. When he applied for pension 5/17/1818 in MD he statedhe was married to Susanna Riggs. In 1882 he referred to his 2 children, but no names were given. A Sarah W. Smith stated that she was "one of the family of Robert Hurdle" and a James Smith stated that he married into the family. (I have a copy of this documentation)

Susanna Jane Riggs
Father: Thomas Riggs

Children of Robert & Sarah; (info taken from baptismal records)

1. James Hurdle
b. 1774-1785 in Washington DC
m. 12/19/1801 in MD Mary Sedgwick
b. 1788 in MD (perLDS)

Their children;

i Harriott
b. 11/12/1804 in PG Co., MD
m. 4/17/1827 in MD James Henley

ii G. (George) Washington
b. 12/17/1806 in PG Co., MD
d. 12/25/1869 in Tenleytown, DC of Neuralgia
m. 1/11/1831 in DC Barbara Elinore Spinogle
b. abt. 1810
d. 2/21/1885 in Tenleytown, DC of consumption

Their children;
George William Hurdle
b. 3/1834 in DC
d. 6/13/1912 in PG Co., MD
m. 12/14/1854 Sarah F. Collins
b. 4/1833 in DC
d. 1/5/1922 in Forestville
Father: Zacharia Collins

Their children;

Margaret C. Hurdle
b. 1856 in DC
m. 9/1/1875 in DC Philip Huhn

George W. Hurdle
b. 8/12/1857 in DC
d. 12/31/1924 in DC
m. 2/27/1879 in DC Ada Virginia Barnes
b. abt. 1860 in DC

Emily Jane Hurdle (J. I. Gray line)
b. 2/16/1860 in Tenleytown, DC
d. 7/24/1946 in PG Co., MD
m. 1/22/1881 (lic) in DC Charles Eugene Gray
b. 12/23/1862
d. 3/29/1934 in Forestville, MD

Their children;

Albert Benjamin Gray
b. 12/21/1882
d. 7/5/1968
m. 9/1/1907 in DC Rose Beatrice Miller

Charles Cleveland Gray
b. 8/14/1884
d. 3/19/1910 in DC

John Lujean Gray
b. 8/13/1886
d. 1/18/1962 in DC
m. 2/13/1914 in Rockville, MD Margaret Ann Lindsey
b. 11/9/1893
d. 2/12/1965 in DC
They had a child James Irvin Gray who gave me most of the information regarding his family.

Louis Washington Gray
b. 9/18/1889 in DC
d. 7/10/1970 in DC
m. Mary Elizabeth Robey

Archie Theodore Gray
b. 7/5/1893 in DC
d. 8/17/1958
m. Bessie Lee Henson

Guy Leroy Gray
b. 5/14/1895 in DC
d. 4/13/1966
m. Mattie Winnie (Curtin) Moore

William Linus Gray
b. 8/3/1899
d. 6/30/1988 in Texas
m. 7/21/1928 in DC Thelma Dameron

Children of George William & Sarah Collins con't;

James Richard Hurdle
b. 3/1862 in DC
d. 1/31/1952 in DC

Barbara Ann Hurdle
b. 5/1864 in DC
d. 1922
m. 12/27/1881 in DC Benjamin T. Hayes
m. Owen Franklin Gray

Charles H. Hurdle
b. 7/1866 in DC
m. 6/7/1888 in DC Josephine Richardson

Sarah V. Hurdle
b. 7/1869 in DC
m. 4/6/1896 in DC Joseph Dustin

Benjamin Durias Hurdle
b. 10/21/1871 in DC
d. 12/20/1892 in PG Co., MD
m. Lillie L. Hicks (per Genserv)

Children of G. Washington & Barbara Spinogle con't;

Francis Sylvester Hurdle
b.1/1836 in DC
d. 3/27/1893 in DC
Never married

James Richard Hurdle
b. abt. 1838 in DC
d. 2/2/1882 in DC

Mary E. Hurdle
b. abt. 1841 in DC
m. 6/18/1864 in DC John W. Collins

Washington C. Hurdle
b. 3/1843 in DC
d.8/15/1920 in DC

Emily Ann Hurdle
b. 1845 in DC
d. 1/3/1866 in DC
m. William Lintner

Thomas T. Hurdle
b. 3/1847 in DC
d. 3/20/1912 in DC
m. 1/22/1885 in DC Mary C. Payne
b. 1849
d. 7/31/1899 in DC

Thier children;

Bernard James Hurdle
b. 1885 in DC
m. 1/15/1910 in Mont. Co., MD Minnie Schultz

Barbara Catherine Hurdle
b. 3/1886
m. 11/20/1905 in DC Eugene G. Lorenz

Annie M. Hurdle
b. 9/1888
m. 10/26/1908 in DC John H. Wendel

Children of G. Washington & Barbara Spinogle con't;

Samuel R. Hurdel(le) (Bill Quesenberry line)
b. 1848 in DC
d. 12/23/1885 in DC
m. Hannah Collins b. in VA

Their child;

Martha Virginia Hurdel(le) (Jenny)
b. 6/1879 in DC
d. 9/4/1933 in DC
m. Thomas Franklin Paxton

Their children;

Hester Paxton
d. in infancy

Ida Cecelia Paxton
b. 8/15/1899

Amelia Julia Paxton (Bill Quesenberry's mother)
b. 9/4/1901
m. 12/31/1921 Nicholas Rousby Quesenberry
William O. Quesenberry b. 10/2/is their only child

Mary Paxton
b. 9/24/1903

Ruth Paxton
b. 1905

Francis Selman Paxton
b. 9/12/1907

Helen Louise
b. 10/25/1916

Children of G. Washington & Barbara Spinogle con't;

John Henry Hurdle
b. 2/1850 in DC
d. 10/27/1914 in DC

Irene Cora Hurdle
b. 1854 in DC
m. 4/17/1879 in DC William F. King

Children of James & Mary Sedgwick con't;

iii Emily Ann Hurdle
b. 3/9/1810 in PG Co., MD

iv Caroline Hurdle
b.5/15/1810 in PG Co., MD
m. 12/20/1837 in DC George W. Parker

v Horace Hurdle
b. abt. 1812 in MD
d. 3/27/1827 in MD

vi Forrest Hurdle
b. 11/18/1812 in MD
Horace & Forest are either twins of the same person. I need to check this out.

vii Mary Ann Hurdle
b. 10/27/1813 in PG Co., MD

viii Robert Hurdle
b. 11/23/1820 in PG Co., MD
m. 3/16/1842 in DC Susan Payne
m. 8/15/1848 in DC Elizabeth Carroll
Their children: Mary b. 1853; Levinia b. 1855; Caroline b. 1857; India b. 1860

ix Elizabeth Susan Hurdle
b. 5/7/1824 in PG Co., MD

x Rebecca Hurdle
b. 5/7/1824 in PG Co., MD

2. Noble Hurdle
b. 1782 in Georgetown, MD
d. 2/5/1874 in DC
m. 7/16/1803 in Montgomery Co., Md Mary Gilpin
b. abt. 1782 in DC
d. 12/7/1862 in Georgetown, MD

Their children:

i James Hurdle
b. 1803 in Georgetown, MD
d. 4/15/1860 in Georgetown, MD
m. 11/19/1826 in DC Mary Ann Reeder

Their children:

Frances/Fannie E. Hurdle
b. 1830 in DC
d. 1/10/1884 in Georgetown, MD
m. abt. 1850 George Pritchett
m. Charles H. DeMar

Child of Frances and George Pritchett:

Mary Pritchett
b. abt. 1852 in DC
m. abt. 1870 William Selby

Child of Frances & Charles Demar:

Joseph Eddy DeMar
b. 1866 in DC

Children of James Hurdle & Mary Ann Reeder con't;

Mary A. Hurdle
b. abt. 1833 in MD
m. 12/22/1851 Joseph Collins
They had a daughter, Mary J. Collins b. 1859 in DC m. abt. 1880 in DC J. Hadley Doyle.

Washington Rideout Hurdle
b. 1834 in Georgetown, MD
d. 11/25/1874 in Nolands Station MD
m. 4/6/1860 in MD Florida Helen Knowles
b. 11/1839 in MD (per 1900 index of MD)

Their children:

Nettie Lee Hurdle
b. 1863 in Montgomery, MD
m. 2/9/1883 in Montgomery MD Edward M. Carrick
b. abt. 1850
They had 3 children: Lee Marcellus; Adaline; and Maurice.

Charles Washington Hurdle
b. 1856 in MD
m. abt. 1880 Florence Collis
b. abt. 1860

Mary E. Hurdle
b. 1858 in MD

Bertie Hurdle
b. abt. 1859 in MD

Wilhemina R. Hurdle
b. abt. 1860 in MD

James Willey Hurdle
b. 1861 in Montgomery, MD
m. abt. 1885 in Mont. MD Mary Irene Kidwell
b. abt. 1865
Their children: Paul L. b. abt. 1886; Marion L. b. abt. 1887; Eunice Knowles b. abt. 1888; Guy F. b. abt. 1889; Norman b. abt. 1890-all in Mongomery Co., MD.

Mammie Hurdle
b. 11/1869 in Mont. Md

Jesse J. Hurdle
b. 1870 in Montgomery, MD
m. 4/22/1889 in Mont., MD Clara Jean Campbell
b. abt. 1860 in Mobile, Ala.
They had a son Jesse Jr. b. abt. 1890 in Montgomery, MD

Rosa Hurdle
b. 1875 in Mont. MD.
m. abt. 1900 in DC Joseph Murray

Children of James Hurdle & Mary Ann Reeder con't;

Sarah O. Hurdle
b. 1836 in MD
d. 5/29/1866 in Georgetown, MD
m. 5/19/1857 in DC George W. Blake
b. abt. 1836
They had 3 children: Ella b. abt. 1858 in DC m. abt. 1870 James Cathall; Fannie b.abt. 1859; Infant b. 1861 in Georgetown, MD d. 7/13/1861 in MD.

Children of Noble Hurdle & Mary Gilpin con't;

Unknown female b. abt. 1810

Alfred Hurdle(el)
b. 1813 in DC
d. 6/2 or 4/1895 in MD
m. 3/10/1835 in MD Margaret Brown
b. abt. 1810 in MD
d. 8/7/1890 in MD

Their children:

Alfred Hurdle(el) Jr.
b. 1837 in PA

Henry N. Hurdle
b. 1839 in PA

Edwin M. Hurdle
b. 1842 in DC
d. 9/21/1893 in Baltimore, MD
m. 7/10/1873 in DC Clara Cecila Freeman
b. 1857 in DC
d. 8/7/1890 in Baltimore MD

Their children:

Edward Marcellus Hurdel(le)
b. 2/14/1875 in Baltimore, MD
d. 6/21/1928 in Baltimore, MD
m. abt. 1903 Eva Elizabeth Sauners
b. 4/10/1874 in St. Mary's Co., MD
d. 12/28/1962 in Arlington, VA

Their children:

Alfred Marcellus Hurdel(le)
b. 5/25/1905 in Baltimore, MD
d. 1907 in Baltimore, MD

Eulalia Hortense Hurdel(le)
b. 9/15/1907 in Baltimore, MD
d. 6/12/1954 in Baltimore, MD
m. abt. 1920 Edward Klinelhofer
b. 1907 in Baltimore, MD
d. 4/1980 in Baltimore, MD
They had 3 children: Edward Hurdel b 1931 m. Marie ?; Helen m. ? Blizzard; and Margaret m. William ?

Alfred M. Hurdel
b. 12/4/1808 in Baltimore, MD
d. 12/24/1982 in Baltimore, MD
m. 6/17/1933 in Alexandria, VA Margaret Catherine Heil
b. 2/11/1911 in Baltimore, MD
d. 10/4/1991 in Baltimore, MD

Their children:

Marcella Hurdle
m. 6/7/1956 in Baltimore, MD Walter Hungelman
b. 7/21/1932 in Baltimore, MD
They had 4 children: Margaret; Michael; Lisa; and Eva.

Dolores Hurdle
m. Ernest Adams
They had 2 children: Suzanne m. 4/2/1979 in MD Paul Hill; and Martin m. Gina.

Alfred Hurdel

Reinhardt Hurdle
m. Louise ?
They had 2 children Sean and Melissa

Mary Hurdel
m. Randall ?
They had 3 children; Amy m. Tim ?; Christopher Russin; and Jeremy

Peter Anthony Hurdel
b. 5/22/1950 in Baltimore, MD
d. 6/12/1996 in Westminster, MD
m. Debrah ?One child Nichole.

Jeanne Hurdel
m. Chris ?
They had a son Eric.

Children of Edward Marcellus &Eva Elizabeth Saunders con't;

Charles M. Hurdel
b. 9/14/1912 in Baltimore, MD
d. 6/1/1982 in Mclean, VA at a hospital in Arlington.

Paul Saunders Hurdel
d. 8/24/1968 in Ocean City, MD
m. Mary ?
They had a son Paul Jr. who m. Ellen ?

Marcellus W. Hurdel
b. 7/31/1915 in Baltimore, MD

Children of Edwin M. Hurdle & Clara Cecilia Freeman con't:

Daisie Rosamond Hurdle
b. 1877 in DC
m. ? Wambaugh

Helen Hurdle
b. 9/1879 in Baltimore, MD
m. abt. 1900 in Baltimore, MD James Dyson
b. abt. 1875

Harry McDeVitt Hurdle
b. 11/28/1882 in Baltimore, MD
d. 5/3/1918 in Baltimore, MD
m. 7/17/1902 in Baltimore, MD Dora Mae Green
b. 5/3/1884 in Baltimore, MD
d. 7/23/1953 in Baltimore, MD

Their children:

Harry marcellus Hurdle
b. 6/30/1903 in Baltimore, MD
d. 10/7/1958 in Baltimore, MD

Morris Hurdle
b. 1907 in MD
d. 2/17/1917 in BValtimore, MD

George Duncan Hurdle
b. 1908 in MD
d. 6/10/1908 in MD

Leonard Freeman Hurdle
b. 1909 in MD

Edward Allen Hurdle
b. 7/1/1911 in MD
d. 6/28/1972 in Baltimore, MD

Dora May Hurdle
b. 2/28/1913 in MD
d. 2/26/1995 in Baltimore, MD

Walter Ramsey Hurdle
b. 4/4/1914 in MD
d. 9/12/1974 in Baltimore, MD

Charles Adam Hurdle
b. 9/2/1916 in MD
d. 6/27/1987 in Baltimore, MDWoodrow Wilson Hurdle
b. 4/1918 in MD
d. 5/5/1918 in Baltimore, MD

Children of Edwin M. Hurdle & Clara Cecilia Freeman con't;

Herbert Hurdle
b. 7/1/1883 in MD
d. 7/1/1883 in MD

Margaret Hurdle
b. 5/14/1885 in MD
m. abt. 1900 Julian Jameson

Allen Hurdle
b. 8/9/1887 in MD
d. 8/9/1887 in MD

Walter Hurdle
b. 6/19/1890 in MD
d. 6/19/1890 in MD

Children of James Hurdle & Mary Ann Reeder con't;

Helen Hurdle
b. 1844 in DC

Children of Noble Hurdle & Mary Gilpin con't;

Anna Louisa Hurdle
b. 1814 in Georgetown
d. 5/22/1900 in Georgetown, MD
m. abt. 1835 in Georgetown ? Wilson
b. abt. 1800 in MD

John Ott Hurdle
b. 1818 in Georgetown
d. 7/25/1856 in Georgetown, MD

Henry M. Hurdle
b. 1819 in Georgetown, MD
d. 9/27/1880 in DC
m. 3/22/1841 in DC Amanda M.F. Beatty
b. 1821 in VA
d. 1/5/1904 in DC

Their children:

S. Hurdle
b. 1841 in DC

Josephine Hurdle
b. 1844 in DC
m. 6/7/1869 in DC Carl Kleinschnidt
b. abt. 1840
They had 4 children: Carl Jr.; Herman; Randolf; and Julia.

Amanda Beattie Hurdle
b. 1846 in DC
d. 3/7/1908 in Georgetown, MD
m. 12/12/1866 in DC Tolbert Lanston
b. 1844 in Ohio
d. 2/20/1913 in Georgetown, MD

P. Hurdle
b. 1848 in DC

Ellen M. Hurdle
b. 1852 in Georgetown, MD

Clara W. Hurdle
b. 1854 in Georgetown, MD
d. 7/31/1922
m. Charles DeMar (She is buried next to him as Clara V. DeMar 69 yrs)

Children of Noble Hurdle & Mary Gilpin con't;

Martha E. Hurdle
b. 1828 in Georgetown, MD
d. 12/19/1873 in MD
m. 5/9/1842 in DC John T. Devaughn
They had 2 children: Amanda E. b. 1847 m 10/5/1871 George W. Watkins; and Addison M. b. 1850 in VA.

Samuel V. Hurdle
b. 1829 in DC
m. 6/17/1850 in DC Grace M. Calvert
b. abt. 1830 in DC
Father: Charles Calvert
Mother: Grace Fenger (per LDS)
They had 6 children: Maria Hagan or Hogan b. 1848; Charles C. b. 1852 m. Mardelena Parkhurst; Joseph F. b. 1854 m. Eula Saddlemire (per Genserv); Grace b. 1857; Samuel W. b. 1859 m. Nevada Hutchinson Sierra; and Bettie b. 1861.

Children of Robert Hurdle & Sarah con't;

Ann Hurdle
b. 1791

Robert Hurdle
b. 10/20/1793 in MD
m. 8/28/1813 in MD Catherine Roberts
They had a son Edward Samuel b. 1826 in MD.

Eleanore Hurdle
b. 1795
m. 1/8/184in MD William B. Watkins (per e-mail from

John Valentine Hurdle
b. 4/6/1799 in PG Co., MD
Christened: 10/20/1799 (per LDS)

Child Hurdle
b. 1810 in Montgomery Co.

Sarah W. Hurdle
b. 1812 in MD
m. abt. 1832 in Montgomery MD James Smith